Dr. Chris Taylor

Hard Work Paid Off


Dr. Chris Taylor

After receiving his bachelor of science degree from Texas Tech University, Dr. Chris Taylor chose to pursue graduate education at Wayland where he earned his Master of Arts in Management in 2004. The experience offered Taylor a solid foundation for future academic success despite the trials that came with being a full-time working professional.

“[At the time,] I was an administrator/analyst in the regional headquarters for the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division. Time management was difficult, but I had the support of my wife who was also in graduate school at Texas Tech--basically, we committed to nothing but work and school.”

Taylor recalls that the long hours of work and study were hard, but the support from his fellow students and his professors helped lighten the load. During his time at Wayland, Taylor was even able to start a student chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management--an event that enriched Taylor’s learning experience.

“It was a fabulous education,” Taylor says. “And, it was one of the great experiences of my life.”

These experiences were guided by Dr. David Unfred, a professor who served as both Taylor’s friend and mentor during his time at Wayland.

“He was very supportive and encouraging. I was a working professional, and he treated me like a professional. He didn’t waste our time, and he made the coursework relevant. He also helped me make the leap of going on to a doctorate. He was the one that believed in me more than I did myself. It made me proud when he came to my dissertation defense when I finished my Ph.D.”  

Having received his Ph.D. in hospital administration from Texas Tech, Taylor continues to pursue research in his field of study. He is now a faculty member at Conrad Hilton College of University of Houston where he educates future hospital professionals.