Chris Lethgo

Making a Joyful Noise


Chris Lethgo

Chris Lethgo earned his Bachelor of Music in Church Music from Wayland in 2003. He’s now the Executive Worship Pastor at Sagebrush Community Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is currently working on his Master of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In addition to earning his master’s degree, Lethgo wants to continue the Sagebrush worship team’s pursuit of writing original music for worship and releasing future albums. This year, Sagebrush released a worship EP that made it all the way to iTunes’ top 10 list.

“Our worship ministry is also in the beginning stages of launching an intern program for young leaders pursuing growth and experience in areas of worship and production.”

Lethgo also went on to say that Wayland gave him a very solid classical training in music.

“The music theory and music history education I received was top notch. The church music, church leadership, and religious instruction I received made such an impact in my life, and I carry it to this day and use it in everyday ministry. I would not have been able to step into a large megachurch and be promoted within the first 14 months without the foundational ministry elements provided to me at Wayland.”

Lethgo added that he also enjoyed DJ’ing at KWLD, Wayland’s campus radio station, and performing with the International Choir and the Wayland Pioneer Band.