Brent Knox

From Welder to Kindergarten Teacher


Brent Knox

Brent Knox, a Wayland graduate and kindergarten teacher, was once a 44-year-old former welder who had only dabbled with the idea of college. While he enjoyed working for D&J Company, his father’s business, Brent felt that it was time to change careers though he wasn’t sure what that career would be.  

“I first thought about going to college to get certified in welding, but my dad said I really didn’t need to do that to work for him. About 10 years later, I thought I might study business management, but I didn’t do so well in high school so I didn’t think I had a chance of making it in college.”

Yet, in 2009, Wayland offered him that chance. With the encouragement of his wife and a family friend, both teachers, Brent decided to enroll in Wayland’s education program. While the decision led to years of hard work in which Brent would go to work at four in the morning and spend the afternoon and evening taking classes and doing homework, the final result was worth it. Now, Brent works at Edgemere Elementary where he teaches reading, writing, math, social studies, and science.

 “It’s been an experience and I’ve learned a lot. Five and six-year-olds can teach your a lot of things you don’t even want to know. They don’t have a filter at all,” Brent says with a laugh. “I love standing in the hallway and telling them, ‘Good morning’ and picking on students in all the grades.”

Recalling his time at Wayland, Brent is thankful for the life changing opportunities he found at Wayland Baptist University, even if many of the opportunities seemed impossible.

“When I first started, I didn’t see how I could ever finish. But when I walked across the stage, I couldn’t believe I was already done. I was the first Knox to get a college degree.”