Bradley Sell

Coffee and the Gospel

Class of 2011


Bradley Sell graduated from Wayland with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education and English in 2011 and is the owner/operator of Broadway Brew Coffee Shop in Plainview. He’s also a husband and father of two children, Adilynn, 4, and Haddon, 2.

Sell stated that he hopes to “train up and send out many of our staff with the skills of coffee and food preparation and hospitality in a way that serves and blesses many in the United States and even around the world and to one day ‘plant’ coffee shops in another country.”

“Wayland helped me by giving me a diverse education with academic rigor, social opportunities, and a warm, friendly, and safe environment in which to learn and grow,” Sell said.

Sell also added that his favorite memories from his time at Wayland were meeting his wife and an all-nighter bonfire in the parking lot of McDonald Hall.