Biana Lenzy

Education was Fun and Engaging


Bianca Lenzy

Bianca Lenzy, a nurse in the San Antonio region, graduated from Wayland Baptist University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Passionate about helping others, Bianca works nights at the neonatal intensive care unit at Saint Luke’s Baptist Hospital where she cares for high-risk infants.

While late night shifts keep Bianca busy, she often recalls her time at Wayland--a place that helped foster her academic and career goals of earning a BSN and working in the NICU.

“Wayland helped prepare me for my current position by establishing the fundamentals of nursing,” Bianca says. “I was able to receive certifications while in nursing school to help strengthen my fields of interests.”

These certifications, along with other vocational opportunities, allowed Bianca to prepare for her future position in intensive care units. While these opportunities required hard work and dedication, Bianca notes that many of the events were also fun and engaging.  

“Attending the National Student Nursing Association Convention is my favorite memory of Wayland,” Bianca states. “We had a blast and were able to apply what we were learning in class to nursing scenarios.”

Bianca plans to enter a graduate program in hopes of one day becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner.