Becca Wilhite

From Flying Queen to Homecoming Queen


Becca Wilhite

Becca Wilhite, a 2000 Wayland graduate with a double major in English and Physical Education, knew she would be a Flying Queen, but she didn’t know that was not the only kind of Queen she would be at Wayland.

Wilhite was nominated Homecoming Queen in 1999. She recalls it being “a humbling experience” hearing her name called, and that she was “very honored that [she] was chosen.”

After graduation, Wilhite moves to Cape Town, South Africa as a volunteer missionary, working with vocational missionaries she met during her time at Wayland. She helped with school outreach, coached and played on various basketball teams, and “basically tried to be a light!” Nine months later, she returned to the United States with no intention of returning to Plainview or beginning a teaching career, but “God had other plans.” In just a few short weeks, Becca had a job in Plainview at Estacado Jr. High.

In 2005, Wilhite married James Wilhite. She currently resides in Plainview with her husband and three children.

Wilhite credits Wayland with being “a great place to bridge the gap between being in my comfort zone at home and getting out into the ‘real world’” where friends and professors encouraged her “to explore different avenues and find [her] calling.”

“Which is something I’ve learned doesn’t stop just because you graduate from college,” she said. 

Wilhite advises recent Wayland graduates not to “put too much pressure on yourself to figure out your life plan and have it all mapped out today. Be diligent with the doors that open, and see where they lead. Some of life’s most rewarding turns can be the most unexpected.”