Alexa Lunsford

It's Never Too Late


Alexa Lunsford

Alexa Lunsford, a 2015 graduate, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Wayland and is currently in law school at Texas Tech University. This is a feat Lunsford believes she could never have accomplished without the very personal guidance she received from faculty and staff at WBU.

“My time at Wayland changed my life for the better in many ways. I came in 2012 as a returning, non-traditional student. Even though I wanted to return to school for a long time, when it became a reality, I was surprised at how nervous I felt. I did late registration the day before classes began and the first person to help me at registration turned out to be my advisor and now-mentor, Dr. Cindy McClenagan. She was amazing. She did such a great job of making me feel welcome at Wayland and as a part of the School of Languages and Literature.”

Lunsford states that she’s very proud of the education she received at Wayland mostly because she feels that it is whole.

“I was really blessed to receive a true, broad-based liberal arts education from experienced professors--not graduate assistants--who were all impressively educated and insurmountably passionate about their fields.”

“I have never particularly excelled in the fields of math and science, so checking those classes off my degree plan was top priority for me. (In my head I had already blamed those classes for bogging down my GPA and cursed those topics altogether.) But I was met with a very different reality. Dr. Franklin was amazingly patient with my college algebra class and found great ways of demonstrating his lessons rather than just iterating them. In my biology class, I was impressed and inspired by Dr. Derderian’s work ethic and scientific achievements. She helped me grasp concepts of life from a new perspective by actively sharing her faith as she led class. And Dr. Walsh’s geology class gave me such a huge appreciation for nature and a deeper understanding of God’s creation. In fact, I’d say those classes went a long way in shaping my personal faith.”

Lunsford also loves to brag on Wayland’s School of Languages and Literature whenever she gets the chance. With a  major in English and minor in Spanish, a huge portion of her education came from this faculty.

“Though Wayland offered many opportunities, I was never in a position to study abroad. However I still learned more than I ever expected to about Latin cultures in Dr. Mora’s Spanish classes and gained full conversance in the language because of his rigorous classroom style, which kind of resembles the Socratic method. Because of the hours of homework and practice required, studying the Spanish language at Wayland really prepared me to carry a heavy workload in law school.”

When asked how her studies at Wayland prepared her for graduate level courses, Lunsford says that she gained “amazing preparation” from writing and literature courses.

“Dr. Brandenburg’s technical communications and advanced grammar courses laid the foundation I needed to learn how to communicate professionally and effectively. Those and the other writing courses I took with Dr. B all really piqued my interest and have served me well in my first “real job” as a web writer. My literature courses provided artistic insight on history and society that challenged me to broaden my perspective while also training my mind to analyze and evaluate material--all invaluable preparation for law school and for professional writing.”

 In addition to her studies, Lunsford also worked at Wayland’s Writing Center for three years. With help from Dr. Lynn and Ashley Edlin, she believes her time there shaped her as a professional and as a writer.

“Another thing I love about the education I got at Wayland is that they required me to take two religion classes, and in doing so, required me to grow way beyond my comfort level. I never would have chosen to survey biblical history from an educational standpoint because I would have thought the subject matter either too boring or too challenging. But I am so glad that I got the chance to learn about the Bible in the classroom, where I could ask all the questions I needed and finally grasp so many illusive concepts of faith. I’m a much stronger Christian and a much more informed citizen because of my Old and New Testament courses.”

 In short, Lunsford says that she, “really just can’t say enough about the education and the people at Wayland. I’ve formed life-long friendships and wonderful relationships here, and I will definitely work to fulfill Wayland’s mission of spreading Christ’s light throughout the world wherever I go.”