Aaron Groff

Helping Others Fulfill Their Purpose

CLASS 1998 AND 2009

Aaron Groff

Aaron Groff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Wayland in 1998 and later earned a Master of Christian Ministry degree in 2009.

He currently lives in Katy, Texas with his wife Melanie and their two daughters, Kealy, 14 and Ashley, 10.

After 20 years in vocational ministry serving in roles as student pastor, associate pastor, lead pastor and church planter, Groff recently launched his own coaching and consulting company providing Leadership solutions for churches, businesses, and individuals.  

In addition to his degrees from Wayland, Groff holds multiple coaching, speaking, and training certifications in addition to being a Certified Birkman Consultant.  He hopes through his experience, training, and education he can help individuals and organizations leverage their influence and fulfill their purpose.  

Groff is convinced that his experiences both in and out of the classroom during his time at Wayland helped to shape the person he is today and prepared him for success.  

“Knowledge gained in the classroom definitely prepared me for the challenges of ministry, instilled the importance of preparation, and highlighted the significance of leadership.”  

He also stated that relationships built through time in study, working on projects, participating in student activities, or as a founding member KYX have proven lasting and invaluable.