Transferring to Wayland

We're excited you're transferring to Wayland!

A true education is more than just increasing your knowledge base. It's about applying what you have learned to real-life experience, putting those textbook theories to the test. Experience gives you a competitive edge in the job market. 

Whether it is research, performance or hands-on training, Wayland students benefit from working with one another and their professors to gain real-world, applicable experience. Our students learn problem solving and team work ... things that aren't taught in a 300-seat lecture hall. A Wayland education prepares students to take the next step, whether that is continuing on to grad school, or entering the job force --- like Kyle Rickman.


A chemistry and mathematics major, Kyle turned his education and personal research success into a job as an Analytical Nuclear Chemist for URENCO USA, a global energy company with operations in the U.S., Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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WBU students have the chance to excel by joining the Honors Program. Students develop research projects in line with their personal interests and work closely with a faculty advisor to conduct and present their research. This process prepares them for further study in graduate school and increases their personal knowledge and experience within their chosen field. 

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Tuition and Fees

As you know, education is expensive. But at Wayland we try to keep it as affordable as possible. Your out-of-pocket cost at Wayland is highly competitive with larger state universities, and we offer a number of financial aid options that can help you pay for school. Contact our Financial Aid office to find out more.

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Our Financial Aid Office will assist you in finding resources to help pay for college. Along with grants and loans, WBU offers a number of endowed scholarships. We may have one that fits you, too! Also, ask about block tuition that begins Fall 2020.

Pay for School

Transfer Student Scholarship

You may qualify for one of our transfer scholarships that will help pay for your education. These scholarships are based on your cumulative transfer GPA. The Outstanding Transfer Student Scholarship can pay up to $5,000 and the Blue & Gold Pioneer Scholarship could pay as much as 2/3 of your tuition costs.

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You have already made a significant investment by attending another college or university. Put those courses to work for you by transferring credits to Wayland. We can work through your transcripts to make sure you are getting maximum credit for classes you have already completed.

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If you need a little help making a decision, you're invited to visit our campus. You can take advantage of our preview events (Gold Rush and Big Weekend) in the fall and spring semesters, or you can schedule a private tour. For event dates, call 806-291-3500 or email

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