WBU Esports: A Memorable Season

On Thursday, March 21st, 2024, Wayland’s Smash Bros team had a friendly practice against one another as they headed towards the end of their season. Overall, the team seems to have had a very productive season, while also taking on some new players.

“This season was a large improvement. I have seen a lot of growth in me as a player since the semester started," said Seth, a new addition to the Smash Bros team. “Overall, the season has been great, and I can’t wait for the next and the new players to join!”

The Smash Bros team is always ready to welcome new interested player, and to get better, all you need is practice, like any other competitive sport.

Tate, the team captain, said, “Although the season isn't where we wanted to be, we have seen major improvements between the players and team this semester versus all the others.”

Smash Bros has become a great team here at Wayland, and they are thoroughly excited to see where their program takes off from here.

Getting more insight into what the team does during practices to improve before tournaments is very unique due to the players' techniques and superstitions.

“I make sure that I practice at least 3 sets with a coach before I start," team captain Tate says. “I also wear the same pants for game days; it just helps me.”

Tate is not the only one on the team with superstitions to game days. It seems all of the players have a certain thing they either wear or do beforehand to get prepared for their sets. Most of the players do other things as well when getting ready to face their opponents.

Bailey says, “I write down in a journal that I keep, researching who I am playing against so I know how to counter those characters.” This helps him make sure he is fully ready for those tournament days.

Connor does some of the same: “I just practice a lot, playing online in my free time. I watch tournament footage and my old footage for improvements.”

All of the players go through their footage to improve their gameplay, and it has paid off.

One thing that the team does before every tournament is have a prayer, led by either Team Captain Tate or Coach Sweeney.

“I pray over the team before every game and advise players when I see something that needs to be addressed when playing," says Tate.

The Smash Bros team had three wins, and four losses this semester, and even though it does not seem like the best record, Coach Sweeney is still happy with the team's progression.

“I think our team has done well with game sense, execution, and decision-making this season. The area our team needs to improve in is our mental fortitude," says Coach Sweeney.

Overall, the Smash Bros team did very well this semester, and just by talking to the coach, team captain, and players, you can tell how excited they are for what next season is to bring.

An upcoming event that Coach Sweeney mentioned is happening for Esports soon, is the Esports spring lock-in that is to happen in May of 2024.

If you are ever interested in joining Esports, available spots open for teams include Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, and soon, Rainbow Six Siege.