Missions All Year Round

Wayland offers multiple mission trips for all students and faculty members through the Wayland Mission Center, whose motto is “until the whole world hears." The Mission Center offers scholarship opportunities to those who would like to participate in a mission trip so that expenses will not be the reason why a student does not go. The purpose of organizing mission trips is to give others the opportunity to serve, like God has commanded us to do as Christians. It gives students the chance to get out of their comfort zone and go serve in another city, state, country, or even on a different continent.

Mission trips take place all year round. There are short mission trips that take place during the winter break, as well as during spring break, and they can be between one and two weeks long. There are mission trips offered during the summer which can be short also, but there are some that can last anywhere between a month and the full summer. Wayland students can sign up for these mission trips throughout the year, while also being able to attend the different interest meetings and trainings before their trip.

Just this year during spring break, two mission trips took place, one to Mission, Texas and another to South Padre Island, Texas. The Mission team visited towns close to the Mexico border and served at a respite center and worked with immigrant kids and helped with part of the construction process of houses for families in need. The South Padre team gave safe, free rides to people on the Island that were under the influence of alcohol and helped provide breakfast as well as midnight pancakes for those who needed it.

These are just some examples of the different opportunities presented to students and staff, so that they can go on mission and serve others. Although these trips can be great to gain experience, it is important to remember that our own campus can be a mission field and that we can serve those around us in our town without having to go to the other side of the world. Being a missionary does not require one to go to an exotic place or to serve people from a different culture. It requires one to go and talk to others about Christ, who He is, and what He did, even if it is in our own country with people from our own culture. As Christians, we are to live on mission every day, and occasionally, we are to go on mission when He calls.