Wayland Cheer Returning to Florida for Nationals

From April 10-15, the WBU cheer team will travel to Florida for a national competition. The team is working hard to prepare for this fight for another win in their championship run. I was able to interview the head coach, Kira Weatherton, to gather her take, of how the team is working on taking home another ring.

When asked, “How is the team preparing for the competition?” Coach Kira answered, “We’re practicing hard and hitting the nitty gritty details that we need to fix.” I sat in on a practice and saw how hard this team is working. After running through the routine many times, making even the smallest corrections after each run, I could see that the team was closing in on perfection.

I asked Weatherton, “How is the preparation going?” wondering how the team is reacting to the pressure. While talking about the team Weatherton told me, “It’s been going really well. The only thing that we need to work on is our consistency right now, but the team has worked to make changes when needed and have been applying them.”

I finished my interview with asking how Coach Kira felt about the upcoming competition. She responded, “I am Ecstatic! I’m so confident in my team!” and I could see why. This team is a hard-working unit, a force to be reckoned with.

When watching the cheer team, I was able to see the rigorous work and leadership from the veterans, the tenacity of the first-year students, and even the male cheerleaders who joined only in January. This team has a light in their spirit and is going to represent Wayland in a fantastic way in Florida.