Wayland Crushes Central Christian College in First Round of Conference

In a remarkable March 2, 2024 conference game that showcased incredible offensive skill, the WBU Pioneers broke records and clinched a resounding 3-game sweep against Central Christian College (Kan.). With an extraordinary display of power, the Pioneers smashed an incredible 9 home runs and drove in an unprecedented 26 runs, setting new program highs for home runs and RBIs in a single game.

The game at Wilder Field started with the Central Christian Tigers taking an early lead, but the Pioneers quickly turned the tables. In a stunning first inning, junior Felix Polanco, sophomore Arcadio Frausto, junior Brayden Peyton, and junior Samuel Fabian each blasted home runs. The Pioneers went through their entire batting lineup and pushed the score to a gigantic 12-1 lead. Samuel Fabian led the charge at the plate, finishing the inning with two home runs and 5 RBIs.

Despite Central Christian's efforts to rally, the Pioneers' persistent offense proved too much to handle. Delvis Claudio and Samuel Fabian added to the scoreboard with homers, extending the lead to 19-3 by the end of the second inning. The hits kept coming for the Pioneers, with Vann Johnson's clutch single driving in two more runs. A mix of hits and aggressive base running widened the gap to 21-3 after the fourth inning. As the game progressed, the Pioneers continued to dominate. Sophomore Carson Parham and master’s student William Flowers contributed home runs to tie and break the single-game record, pushing the lead to 23-3.

On Wayland’s defensive side, sophomore Branin Seibert of Wayland delivered a solid performance on the mound, supported by his team. The Tigers switched pitchers multiple times in an attempt to end their defensive struggles; however, the strategic switches did little to change the flow of hits and runs that the Pioneers continued to execute.

With the final score being a drastic difference of 26-5, the Pioneers intended to draw on the momentum of three conference blowouts and continue their winning season.