Spring Cleaning Has Arrived

     Wayland is holding a “Clean Out Your Cabinet” event to help students and the Plainview community to safely get rid of expired medications. They are accepting pills, capsules, and tablets from everyone. It is the perfect chance for students to get a jump start on Spring cleaning while also being conscientious of their health before the end of the semester.

    The event is taking place on Saturday, April 30th, outside the Harral Auditorium Circle Drive. People such as community volunteers, the Wayland Police Department, and the City of Plainview Police Department will be on duty to monitor the take back program such as drop-offs and proper disposal. Coralyn Dillard, Director of Health Services, is leading the event.

“Wayland Baptist University (WBU) works closely with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to offer an opportunity for members of our community to Clean Out their Medicine Cabinet or closets and get rid of all unused or expired medications,” Dillard said. “We work with our local Police Department and Community Volunteers to oversee this event.”

    This event, along with many others, are important for people to participate in to bring awareness to the on-growing opioid addiction in America. By getting rid of unused or expired drugs, it helps to reduce the rising crisis this fixation has upon individuals. By taking part, the community can protect not only themselves, but others too.

    Cleaning out your medicine cabinet also helps avoid accidental poisoning. Expired medicines can be toxic and may result in death.

“Storing these medications can be of danger to others if accessible to the wrong people,” Dillard said. “The Environmental Protection Agency would prefer that we NOT flush these drugs down the toilet or throw them in the trash.”

    This is important to remember not just for this Wayland event but in general throughout the year. It is common for people to want to use old medicine instead of going to the doctors and getting prescribed something new. Taking an hour out of your day to complete this will benefit you and others in the future.