Wayland Choirs Homecoming Concert

In honor of homecoming, the Wayland Choirs hosted a concert in the Harral auditorium on February 19th. The concert had several sections that represented a certain aspect about Wayland.

A slideshow was displayed on the screens every few musical pieces that described the environment that is Wayland. It presented the western flatland sunsets of Plainview to the alumni that are dedicated to serving the Wayland community.

Dr. Sarah Herrington is Director of Choral Studies and Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education. She was looking forward to sharing a night of music and history behind Wayland choir.

“The main theme of the concert was celebrating Wayland, as it was the concert for homecoming weekend,” Dr. Herrington said. “The first set focused on the beauty of the west Texas landscape. The second set focused on the family atmosphere and community at Wayland. The final set focused on the flame as a representative symbol of Wayland.”

For a musical performance such as this one, it required preparation from both the students and staff. Dr. Herrington highlighted what she felt was important during the weeks leading up to the performance.

“We prepared approximately five weeks for this concert,” Dr. Herrington said. “I just loved that we were pausing to recognize all the good that is a part of our history, and to make ourselves aware of all those who built the university we are able to call our own today.”

Bailey Hair, Senior International Choir Member, shared one of the pieces that resonated with him the most.

“I loved One Flame,” Hair said. “The words were so moving, the lyrics of ‘the light of Christ lifting your flame’, it’s kind of an ode to Wayland. I believe Dr. Herrington picked that song because of how reminiscent it is to Wayland’s mission.”

The Department of Music were hosting several other events building up to homecoming. On Tuesday, February 15th, Dr. Sarah Rushing, a pianist from West Texas A&M University, presented a program of varied classical works in the Miller Recital Hall. Rushing presented the pieces from the Romantic Era to the present, consisting of works by women and African American composers.  The day of homecoming, a mini-concert was held for Wayland alumni and community.