Ringing in the New Year with New Editors

 Two girls sitting together

The new year has dawned and with it, a new semester. If the past year has taught us anything, it is that patience, understanding, and most of all faith will help us through anything. The Trailblazer would like to take a moment to thank God for his blessings and guidance.

The previous student editor of the Trailblazer, Cheyenne Chambers, recently graduated this past December with a bachelor’s degree in English. Chambers spent the Fall semester preparing the new Trailblazer site while guiding our student writers.

The new year has blessed the student newspaper with two new editors. Madison Amack is a freshman from Plainview, Texas majoring in communications with a minor in English.

"I am so blessed and excited to be able to write for Wayland with my best friend by my side," Amack said.

Madison Casanova is a freshman from Brownfield, Texas majoring in English with a minor in communications.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity of writing for Wayland! Madison and I are looking forward to growing and honoring the work from the previous student editor, Cheyenne," Casanova said.

Both young women demonstrated their passion and talent for journalism this past semester with their names attached to many of the Fall articles that can be found on the Trailblazer’s page.

The Trailblazer covers all types of student news from events and activities to health issues and student success. The student newspaper is an ever-growing facet of Wayland, and the editors are always looking to add new writers to the team!

Writing for the Trailblazer would give you professional experience as a published writer. The newspaper offers paid positions with flexible hours, the opportunity to get more involved in your school, and a great foundation for resume experience!

If you would like to apply or learn more, please contact either of the student editors or the Trailblazer Supervisor, Steve Long.

Madison Amack, Student Editor madison.amack@wayland.wbu.edu

Madison Casanova, Student Editor madison.casanova@wayland.wbu.edu

Steve Long, Supervisor longs@wbu.edu