England Study Tour 2023

Wayland will be offering a study tour to England in the Spring of 2023. To be eligible, students must have completed English 1301 and 1302. Dr. Kimberlee Mendoza, Dean of the School of Languages & Literature and Associate Professor of English, is organizing the trip.

Students can earn up to six hours of English credit while exploring the country. One of the highlights of this study tour will be seeing the illustrious Oxford University.

 “The courses that will be offered are HUMA 2300 Survey of the Humanities, ENGL 2301 British Literature, and ENGL 3311 20TH Century Lit,” Mendoza said. “Also, if a grad student wanted to go, we may offer HUMA5300 too (Humanities & Interdisciplinary Thought).”

            More information will be available as the date grows closer. For immediate questions surrounding the study trip, contact Dr. Maria O’Connell at maria.o’connell@wbu.edu. She has made this trip before and can answer any questions you may have.