Could You Be Our Freshman?

Wayland Admissions hosted Pioneer Preview on November 6. Previously called Gold Rush, the event is held every Fall semester. Pioneer Preview is a sneak peek into what Wayland can offer to potential incoming students. Throughout the day, high school students participated in a campus-wide scavenger hunt, attended a lunch panel with professors, and visited various areas of Wayland’s campus. Shaney Brewer is the Associate Director of Admission.

“Pioneer Preview is the best way to learn about Wayland Baptist University,” Brewer said. “With a real-life view into academics, spiritual life, and student activities, you are able to see what the life of a Pioneer is like.”

Dr. Bobby Hall, President of Wayland Baptist University, had a short message for the students and families about our home, Wayland.

“My hope for you is that just like that fog outside is going to dissipate today and we are going to see a bright sun-shiny day, that maybe your thoughts about college, about Wayland, will become equally clear,” Hall said.

Dr. Daniel Brown, Vice President of Enrollment Management, invited them to find their places within the Wayland family and its community.

“Come in, make yourselves at home. That’s what I want you to do today,” Brown said. “I want you to know that this day is about you and what you can get from us. As you go through the day, I want you all to remember that.”

Students and their families were also encouraged to visit the Pioneer Showcase held at the Laney. All the different schools of Wayland presented their programs and majors in separate booths. Several of the schools had games like cornhole, making your own donut, and an interesting dance competition for everyone to enjoy.

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