Miss Wayland Takes Home The Crown

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Emily Franklin, Senior from the Plainview campus, took home the crown for Miss Wayland, 2022 at the Miss Wayland Pageant on November 06, 2021. The crowds’ applause took over the auditorium as the winner made her way up to the center of the stage. Franklin delicately bowed down as the crown was placed on her head, her smile beaming. As she stood up, her fellow teammates embraced her. 

While Miss Wayland is a pageant scholarship with a single overall winner, every participant is eligible to win a scholarship even if they are not crowned. The scholarships offered for each young lady were Best Talent, Best Dress, Best Interview, and Miss Congeniality.  The contestants were assessed in four areas: talent, interview, evening gown, and a finalists' question for the top 5 women remaining. Individually, these sections are worth points that add up for a final score. 

The pageant began with an opening number performed by the Miss Wayland Contestants. With masquerade masks and long flowing skirts, the girls danced across the stage. Each contestant wore a beautiful smile as they twirled along to the song, staying in sync with the others. 

Tyler and Erin Moore, the speakers of Miss Wayland, delivered the welcoming and introductory speeches while the audience settled in after the opening number. They gave a small background for every girl, stating who they represented and their hobbies. Additionally, a short video was played where each contestant explained their talent. 

 Nine constants walked the stage on November 6, and each young lady took home winnings in their own way. Cauane Krainski is a Junior majoring in Business from Brusque, SC Brazil and represented the Business Office. She played the piano whilst telling her story.  

Rylee Biggs is a Junior majoring in Biology from Midland, Texas and represented the Presidents’ Ambassadors. She did a Polynesian Dance that displayed her love for the culture.  

Lucy Chavez is a Senior majoring in Biology from Dallas, Texas and represented Women's Soccer. She performed a spoken word poem named “Be Still” by Gloria Umanah. 

Emily Cowart is a Senior majoring in General Music from Austin, Texas. She represented Wayland Choirs and performed a song dedicated to her father called “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus” by Steffany Gretzinger.  

Hope Shatto is a Junior majoring in Psychology from Wichita Falls, Texas. She represented the School of Psychology and performed a song in American Sign Language, “Fireflies” by Owl City.  

“I wanted to do Miss Wayland because I wanted to get closer to my female friends and it just seemed like a really fun thing to do,” Shatto said. “I grew stronger friendships and built skills that will help me in life.” 

Cailey Lecker is a Junior majoring in Justice Administration and Business from Lubbock, Texas. She represented the Criminal Justice Administration Program, did a presentation on her passion for Domestic Violence.  

“I chose to speak about the cycle of abuse and domestic violence for my talent. I did this to bring awareness of a common crime that has been going on behind closed doors of homes for centuries,” Lecker said. “When covid-19 struck our society, lots of domestic violence was occurring. I wanted to share the cycle of abuse for those who are unaware of this common crime happening every day and to show that they aren’t alone.” 

Emily Franklin a Senior from Plainview, Texas majoring in Math and Religious Education. Representing the Honors Program, she sang and played the piano with a piece called “Blessing” by Laura Story.  

“I chose to play the piano and sing because it is a huge part of who I am. My mom played the piano in her Miss Wayland pageant, and my two brothers are both excellent pianists, so when I play the piano, I feel connected to them,” Franklin said. “Additionally, I love playing the piano and singing in worship bands, both at my church and at Wayland, so it is a way that I connect with my God. I chose the song “Blessings” because the lyrics remind me that in the middle of tragedy, which we have all faced a lot of over the last couple of years. I can find my hope in the fact that God is still and still giving us blessings, though we may not know what they are while on this Earth.” 

Nia McGriff a Sophomore from Grand Prairie, Texas majoring in Education. She represented Track and Field and performed a praise dance.  

Grace Kiker is a Junior from Wellington, Texas majoring in Elementary Education. She represented the Office of Spiritual Life. Kiker did a spoken word poem by the name of “Who You Are: A Message To All Women” by Jon Jorgenson. 

After watching each talent, Wayland Senior Allison Kirk, Miss Wayland 2020, came on stage, completing her final walk as the reigning Miss Wayland. She played “Here’s My Heart” by Chris Tomlin on her cello before passing on the crown.  

“I believe there are songs that resonate with certain stages in our lives,” Kirk said. “Two years ago, I played a song called “Cornerstone”. That was a song that resonated with that stage of my life, but I’m stepping into a new stage of life.” 

The top five finalists, Biggs, Chavez, Lecker, Franklin, and McGriff, held hands as the drumroll began. Each girl had a smile on her face as the envelope was being opened. One by one, each contestant got wavered off by elimination. In the end, Franklin and McGriff were the last two in the center of the stage. As they were gripping onto each other, McGriff was announced as the second runner-up. Receiving her flowers, she smiled brightly and joined the rest of the girls. 

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Pictured: Miss Wayland 2020, Allison Kirk, crowning Miss Wayland 2022, Emily Franklin.

Woman holding flowers onstage

Being the last one in the center, it was decided. Emily Franklin was crowned for Miss Wayland 2022!