Pumpkin Festival Fun

            Wayland Student Services hosted the Fall Pumpkin Festival on October 21st. Students and Plainview residents came together to play games, drink coffee, and pick pumpkins at the community open event.

            A free pumpkin patch was set up in the middle of the marsh for attendees, many of whom took pictures with the fall icons and sun-set sky as their background. The pumpkin patch made it onto a lot of students’ Instagram stories that night. Nicole Adams, Director of Student Services, laughed as she attempted to make a latte with the help of the Broadway Brew.

“He tries to get me to make one every year!” Adams said.

The smell of coffee and hot chocolate filled the air, and a quick survey of students on the marsh left no doubt which of the attractions was the favorite of the night.

            “The coffee cart, hands down!” One student yelled.

            Carnival games sat on the outside of the pumpkin patch, surrounding the Marsh. Students gathered to play games like Corn Hole and pumpkin bowling, laughing and making memories. Our editor, Cheyenne Chambers, attempted to play rubber chicken volleyball.

            “It’s a lot harder than it looks!” Chambers said.

If you won a carnival game, you got to choose a piece of Halloween candy out of a bucket. When the prize was announced, students’ competitive side started to spring into action. Fall music played in the background to put the gathering into the holiday spirit. In addition to games and food, Student Services raffled off gift cards to several restaurants around town to the university students who attended.

            Foods such as popcorn and sausage wraps were provided, not lasting long as the hungry college students started to arrive. Students chatted and ate, sharing in fellowship and a bit of healthy competition. Many Wayland students and Plainview residents attend each year.

            “It’s definitely a Fall favorite,” Adams said.

            Student Services hosts the event every year and plans to continue to do so.