Graduation Instructions


Spring Commencement

May 2022 Graduation: Application due February 15, 2022

May Torch and Mantle Ceremony

10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 7, 2022
Multi-Purpose Room
For Torch and Mantle, graduating seniors are encouraged to ask a member of administration, faculty, or staff who served as a role model to join them in continuing the thread that runs through generations of Wayland graduates. Student Activities sponsors this traditional event and is happy to answer additional questions: 806-291-3752.


May Graduation

For May graduation, students selected as platform party participants will rehearse at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 06, 2022, in the Hutcherson Gymnasium.

Graduation Ceremony Attire

Men should wear dark pants, dress shirt and tie, and black shoes (no tennis shoes or flip-flops).

Women should wear a dress with black shoes (no tennis shoes or flip-flops). Simple or no jewelry is preferred.

Graduation Robes

Please pick up graduation robes from the University Store prior to graduation day, as robes will need to be pressed prior to the ceremony.

Tassels, Caps, Honors Cords

Master's degree students will wear the tassel on the left; baccalaureate degree students will wear the tassel on the right.

During the ceremony, men will remove their caps during prayer, pledges, scripture, and the Alma Mater. Women will wear their caps at all times.

Caps or mortar boards and gowns must remain in their original state; no decorations may be added.

In addition to the above, graduates may wear the following during the ceremony:

  1. Wayland Latin or academic honor cords, stoles, or sashes
  2. Wayland Honors Program or Torch and Mantle medallions
  3. Stoles or sashes that represent a student’s heritage, ethnicity, and/or native culture and are no wider than 5.5 inches across at the widest point, and no longer than 66 inches in length.

All non-academic stoles and sashes must be approved by the Registrar’s Office prior to the close of business on the first day of Final Exams.

In accordance with the university’s values, the wearing of non-academic stoles is purely at the discretion of the institution. Students’ attire will be assessed prior to walking the stage, and non-academic cords, stoles, or similar items may be removed if they do not fit the criteria listed above.

Graduates not complying with the requirements for attire may be excluded from the commencement ceremony.

Following the recessional, graduates may add supplementary cords, stoles, sashes or other celebratory attire.

Ceremony Procedures

As the graduation ceremony combines the traditional components of the Baccalaureate Service with the formality of the Commencement Ceremony, participants are asked to follow these instructions in order to move through the event with poise.

Graduating seniors will assemble no later than 1:15 p.m. as indicated:

May Commencement and Campus March - Master’s degree graduates will meet in the North hallway of the Harral Fine Arts Center. Baccalaureate degree graduates will meet in the South hallway of the Harral Fine Arts Center. (In case of inclement weather, all graduates will line-up in the South hallway [gym level] of the Hutcherson Gymnasium.)

Please leave all valuables locked in the trunk of your vehicle.

Guests should arrive no earlier than 1:00 p.m. and be seated immediately. We ask that all guests of a graduate arrive as a group so the group may be seated together. Saving seats will not be allowed. After commencement, we respectfully request that all individuals promptly leave the building to allow for any needed cleaning and disinfecting. 

First Assistant Marshal, Second Assistant Marshal, and University Registrar staff will assist in the line-up. Students will be given a 3x5 card with their name printed on it; keep this card and present it to the announcer when it is time for you to be recognized. Please indicate on the card how to pronounce your name by using vowel markings. If you are concerned that the announcer might not pronounce your name correctly, please contact the University Registrar's Office two (2) weeks prior to graduation.

The Chief Marshal will lead the Platform Party into the gymnasium and onto the stage. The Alternate Marshal will lead the Faculty to their seats. Please proceed as directed by the Marshals.

The First Assistant Marshal will lead the Master's degree candidates to the appropriate seating location. Master’s degree candidates will carry their hood on their left arm in the processional and up on stage. Candidates will hold out their left arm for a member of the hooding party to remove the hood for the hooding.

The Second Assistant Marshal will lead the remaining candidates and seat them in the proper row. The students should remain standing until the processional has completed.

At the time in the program designated “Conferring of Degrees,” the First Assistant Marshal and the Second Assistant Marshal will lead the graduates from their seats to the designated area. Please refrain from talking, as it is audible to the audience and distracting. Also, please remember to pause at the podium, and present the name information card to the announcer. Wait for your name to be read, and then proceed across to the President to receive your diploma cover. Pause again when receiving the diploma cover from the President so the photographer can take a picture. 

After students have received the diploma cover from the President and been congratulated by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, they will proceed across the platform to the University Registrar’s table to collect diploma materials. Students will then return to their previous seat. Please do not cut across the front of the gymnasium.

Please do not open the packet of diploma materials until after the ceremony.

After all diploma covers have been distributed, the graduates will be instructed to stand for the conferring of degrees. The President will confer the degrees and then instruct those who have received the Baccalaureate degree to move their tassels from the right to the left.

The Graduation Recessional will exit as directed by the Marshals.

Additional Information

GRADUATION PHOTO: A professional photographer will take your picture as the President presents your diploma. You may remove your mask temporarily for the photograph. While family members and friends may take video and/or pictures from their seats, they are asked not to go to the front of the auditorium/gymnasium during the ceremony. Adhering to this policy adds to the dignity of the graduation.

HANDICAPPED SEATING: If family members need handicapped seating, a location will be designated in the Harral and at Hutcherson via signage for accommodations.

PARKING: Parking will be available in both the Harral Auditorium parking lot and the Hutcherson Gymnasium parking lot. Watch for individuals directing parking, and prepare to park as suggested. The traffic will be in one-way directions before and after the ceremony.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For any clarification, please contact the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs via U.S. Mail, e- mail, or telephone. You are also welcome to stop by the office during office hours. The office is located in the First Floor Executive Suite of Gates Hall.

Dr. Cindy Marlow McClenagan Vice President of Academic Affairs Wayland Baptist University
1900 West 7th Street, CMB #1275
Plainview, Texas 79072-6998
PHONE: 806-291-3410