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Congratulations on earning your degree! We wish we could celebrate with you in-person but this has certainly been a crazy year! Still, our distance doesn't change our excitement for your success! We hope you know how proud we are of your accomplishment!

This year we're introducing a new tradition at Wayland and we think you're going to like it! Introducing the Wayland Graduation Challenge Coin. Your new Wayland challenge coin is both a commemorative coin that signifies your graduation year, and a great way to connect with other alumni. The coin is special and one of only 1,100 made!

Wayland's First Challenge Coin

The history of the challenge coin goes back to military roots where specially designed coins were used to prove membership to a specific group or organization when a holder's membership was challenged.

The most popular use of your coin is to display it in your diploma frame. Many frame shops will create mattes with a display space for your coin. It adds a beautiful touch to your diploma frame.


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You can also display your coin independently by keeping it on your work desk where your colleagues or clients will see it. Much like a class ring, the coin is a colorful way to signify where you earned your degree and identify with others who see it.

Finally, a challenge coin can be passed down as time goes by. Imagine gifting your coin to someone you believe would enjoy Wayland as much as you did. You could give your coin to your child or grandchild and inspire them to pursue their education at your alma mater.

You may already be imagining new ways of using your coin! We would love for you to share those with us. We might even use it on our social media!


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Congratulations and welcome to the Wayland Alumni Association!


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