Koinonia - New Student Orientation

As your journey begins at Wayland you will face new challenges, seize new opportunities, test your resources against the unknown, and in the process discover your own unique potential. We encourage you to embrace this experience at Koinonia 2019.

KOINONIA ’19 is designed to make your transition to university life a smooth and enjoyable one. The purpose of this unique orientation is to help you feel comfortable,
to inform you as you begin your career at WBU, and to establish channels of support you need to succeed. It forms the fellowship and family atmosphere for which Wayland has been known for more than a century.

We want Wayland to be your second home, where you can be accepted as yourself and be part of the family. We try to provide an atmosphere where you know you’re cared for and your best interests ̶ academically, physically, and socially ̶ are taken to heart. We trust you’ll find your place here with us at Wayland.

Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited to participate in PARENTS’ ORIENTATION on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Activities include the Parent Mixer, a Parents’ Breakfast with the President, and an information session.

We strongly encourage you to attend KOINONIA ’19. The experience you will gain during these few days will benefit you greatly for the rest of your collegiate career.

Koinonia '19 runs August 16 - 19,click here to sign up!