Koinonia (coin-o-knee-uh) is a freshman welcome event held the weekend before classes start. Students are placed in families, and given "K Parents" that introduce them to Wayland and college life.

The weekend is filled with games and events designed to gets new students comfortable on campus, and plugged in to life at Wayland.

KOINONIA 2019 took place the weekend of August 16th. This year's theme was 80's Music! K Families were given popular 80's band names, and got to experience a number of 80's themed events.

We want Wayland to be home for all of our students. A place where they can be accepted as they are and be part of a family. We seek to provide an atmosphere where they know they're cared for. That they're best interests  ̶  academic, physical, and social  ̶  are taken to heart.

KOINONIA 2020 will happen in August of 2020. Check back next summer for more details!
See the Koinonia 2019 schedule.


Helpful Travel Info

Parents, grandparents, siblings and other guests are invited to participate in FAMILY ORIENTATION on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Activities include the Family Mixer, a Family Breakfast with the President, and an information session.


Find your way around Wayland 

All of our building are listed in Google Maps. Search for a building by its official name to find it, or drop a pin on a building to learn more about it.