Koinonia (coin-o-knee-uh) is a freshman welcome event held the weekend before classes start. Students are placed in families, and given "K Parents" that introduce them to Wayland and college life.

The weekend is filled with games and events designed to gets new students comfortable on campus and plugged into life at Wayland.



We want Wayland to be home for you. A place where you are accepted and you feel part of a family. We seek to provide an atmosphere where you are cared for - where your best interests   ̶  academic, physical, and social   ̶  are taken to heart. We are Wayland!



Koinonia 2020 will happen on August 8th & 9th, 2020. Dorm move-in begins at 8:00 am Saturday, August 8th. The Koinonia schedule will be posted soon.

Our Fall 2020 academic year will look a little different than usual this year. In order to help keep everyone safe and provide the best possible experience this Fall, we've moved up the start of school and won't return to campus after Thanksgiving. 

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See the Guide

Check out the Koinonia schedule and meet the K-parents in the Koinonia Guide.

See the Guide


Helpful Travel Info

Our Housing Staff will provide you with any move-in protocols effected by COVID-19. Guests are invited to participate in FAMILY ORIENTATION Saturday afternoon.

Find your way around Wayland

All of our buildings are listed in Google Maps. Search for a building by its official name to find it, or drop a pin on a building to learn more about it. 



Register for Koinonia 2020

Sign up before August 6th at 5 PM.

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Basketball - Mens
Basketball - Womens
Cross Country - Mens
Cross Country - Womens
Golf - Mens
Golf - Womens
Soccer - Mens
Soccer - Womens
Track & Field - Mens
Track & Field - Womens
Wrestling - Mens
Wrestling - Womens
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Adventure Club
American Chemical Society
Baptist Student Ministry
Black Student Association
Catholic Student Association
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Gamer's Guild
Student Alumni Council
Student Foundation
Student Government Association
Student Union Board
Texas Academy of Science
Used for K-Family communication during Koinonia