NexGen Spark

Developed by Wayland's School of Business, NexGen Spark is a program designed to give entrepreneurs valuable resources and students valuable experiences. 

Throughout the program, entrepreneurs will work with teams of students to develop a business plan and put it into action. At the end of the semester, those teams will present to a panel of judges and one entrepreneur will win a cash prize. 



What ideas are eligible?

Everyone has an idea... is yours a good one?

Not all ideas need to result in new businesses. Whether you need help getting your idea off the groud, or need assitance developing a stronger business model, your idea is welcome. 



Do I have to live in Plainview?

No. If your idea is selected, you will only be required to physically attend the judging. If necessary, accommodations can be made to work with your team remotely.


When is the judging?

The judging is in April of 2020, near the end of the spring semester.