Faculty Support for Blackboard

Click on "Blackboard Training" in your "My Courses" module to find technical help on getting your courses online. There is a menu link called Back Up Plans Training: CoVid19.

WBUonline staff are here to help. In addition to our normal business hours, we do have support during the weekends and share a call schedule among us. Here is the process you should follow:

At any time, day or night, email us at vcsupport@wbu.edu. Include the following information in your message:

  1. Your name
  2. A description of your question or issue
  3. The course(s) you are teaching
  4. Your preferred method of contact (including your phone number, if applicable.)

We will have staff at the ready during business hours and on call after hours to assist. Please be aware that we anticipate a higher than normal volume of support requests, we will return your email and/or call you back as quickly as we can.

For urgent matters, you can reach us by phone at one of the numbers listed below. Because we expect higher than normal support requests, please reserve calling for the most pressing of issues.

806-291-3740 or 806-291-3745

We do have support 24/7 for those late night workers - both students and faculty. The 806-291-3740 is automatically forwarded to them after hours. Blackboard support can help with most inquiries and if there is more of a problem they escalate it up to us to handle during the day. We view any support tickets so you are covered in several ways.