Theatre Presents The Amish Project

February 16, 2018

Promotional Poster for The Amish Project
Wayland Theatre presents The Amish Project, March 1-3.

PLAINVIEW –Wayland Baptist University Director of Theatre Dr. Marti Runnels was first drawn to The Amish Project by the divisive issues that people have in dealing with tragic events. While he began reading the play for the first time through the veil of his own beliefs, when he finished, he realized there is much more at stake.

“It became about something else,” he said. “This kind of stuff is happening. But how are we responding as a nation, and how are we responding as Christians?”

Wayland theatre will present The Amish Project by Jessica Dickey, March 1-3 at 7:30 p.m. in the Harral Studio Theatre. Tickets for the show are $8 and are available by clicking here.

The Amish Project is a drama that depicts the aftermath of the tragedy involving five Amish girls in a school shooting in Lancaster County, PA, in October of 2006. While the initial tragedy is an historically accurate event, the stories and situations described by Dickey in her play are fictional. They are stories, however, of forgiveness centered around seven characters affected by tragedy.

“It’s about how the Amish dealt with that tragedy,” Runnels said. “I think that if we will look at what they did and how they responded, we will understand that their response is impossible. It was a response no one could possibly have, unless of course, a miracle happens. That’s’ how I see this play. I really feel like I’m directing a play about a miracle.”

Originally written as a one-woman show, the play has been adapted for an ensemble cast. The student cast includes Tammy Brooks as Anna, Jordan Sisson as Carol Stuckey, Ella Ashley as Velda, Rio Hernandez will play Bill North, Alexis Shedd as America, Ian Kirk as Eddie Stuckey, Tammy Lucero as the local sheriff and Josiah Disalvo will fill the roles of reporter and fireman.

Runnels said the play is not appropriate for children who may not understand the subject matter.