Lusk Challenges Students in Convocation Chapel

August 29, 2019

Man standing at podium in full academic regalia
Dr. Claude Lusk addresses students during convocation chapel on Wednesday. The chapel service officially signals the beginning of a new academic year at Wayland.

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University faculty and staff gathered in full regalia to join the student body in chapel Wednesday morning, celebrating the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester.

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 25:1-7, Dr. Claud Lusk, Vice President of Enrollment Management, challenged students to pursue a close personal relationship with God during their time at Wayland. As the Psalmists proclaimed, Lusk encouraged students to seek God’s ways, learn God’s paths, and follow God’s truths.

“We need to desire a broader understanding of God’s plan,” Lusk said. “David (author of the Psalm) wanted to be shown God’s way. God has a different way and a different perspective.”

Lusk implored students to be careful in choosing a path to follow as many paths or choices are misleading and do more harm than good. He also encouraged students to pursue truth and be wary of false truths.

“Be careful where you are getting your truth,” Lusk said. “The world will lie to you over and over again.”

He said it is important to think about God’s gift of another semester and what everyone can do to make the most of this gift.

“Our desire is that you walk with Christ and that you be close enough to feel his presence,” Lusk said, quoting Wayland’s mission statement in that the education received at Wayland is Christ-centered. “Our goal is to walk so closely with God that there is no question whose we are.”