Wayland Unveils Law Enforcement Scholarship Program

Scholarship program infographic
Find out more about Wayland's scholarship and academic credit program for law enforcement personnel, their spouses and immediate family.

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University has initiated a new scholarship and academic program for active law enforcement personnel and their families. The scholarship is available to those individuals who have completed POST-certified academy, and are currently employed in a position that requires that certification to be maintained.

For law enforcement employees, the scholarship program is two-fold, offering both scholarship money and additional credit for training to those students seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree. The scholarship may also be used for any of Wayland’s online master’s degrees. The additional credit, however, is not applicable to master’s programs.

Students who qualify will receive $1,000 per term, and they may qualify for up to 12 hours of upper-level credit for work experience and 11-34 hours of credit for completion of POST-certified academy training, based on state academy standards. Wayland also accepts the maximum amount of transfer credits previously completed at other institutions. Students may also qualify for credit based on military experience and coursework.

Spouses and dependent children of active law enforcement personnel also qualify for the scholarship program that can be applied at any Wayland campus or online. To qualify, all applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Students must meet admission requirements and be fully accepted to WBU before enrolling in courses.
  • Undergraduate students must meet full-time status by taking 12 credit hours per term at the Plainview campus or 9 hours per term at an external campus or online. Graduate students must take 9 hours at the Plainview campus or 6 hours at an external campus or online.
  • The scholarship may be applied to tuition, fees, books, dorm costs and meal plans, depending on campus choice.
  • Law enforcement employees must have completed POST-certified academy, and be currently employed in a position that requires that certification to be maintained, or be the spouse or dependent child of someone who is.
  • Law enforcement employees must show proof of current law enforcement employment at the beginning of each academic year. For spouses and children, proof of spouse or parent employment will be required.
  • In order to use the scholarship for books, student must order their books through a Wayland bookstore and charge the amount to their student account.

For more information on the law enforcement scholarship program, contact the BAS/BCM Office at 806-291-3560 or mandy.berry@wbu.edu. Click here to find out more.