Hall Challenges Wayland Students to #BeTheSolution

August 31, 2017

A group of FCA members stand with Dr. and Mrs. Hall by a collected of goods that will be shipped to the gulf region.
Wayland Baptist University President and First Lady Dr. Bobby and Laurie Hall (third and fourth from right) join Wayland’s chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to #BeTheSolution. WBU and the FCA were collecting donations to be sent in assistance to the Harvey relief efforts on the gulf coast.

PLAINVIEW – With a week of classes in the books, Wayland Baptist University officially rang in the Fall 2017 semester at Convocation Chapel on Wednesday morning. Faculty and staff in full regalia welcomed students, recognizing those who have returned and those who are new to the school. Vice President of Enrollment Management Dr. Claude Lusk also took a moment to recognize students from the areas directly affected by Hurricane Harvey to let them know Wayland employees were praying for them and will support them in any way possible.

Wayland President Dr. Bobby Hall then addressed the student body, challenging them to #BeTheSolution in difficult times. Hall painted the picture of Aug. 17 as Wayland faculty and staff gathered in anticipation of students returning. The joy and excitement of a new year spreading across campus. Yet on that same day in Spain, two acts of terrorism as a van plowed through a heavily pedestrian area of Barcelona and another attack was carried out in another part of the country, killed 14 and injured 126.

Hall emphasized that we are living in a time where too many people seems to have abandoned civility in the attempt to underscore personal difference, turning to violence instead of learning to cope with the difficulties of life.

“Against that reality, our university believes that we as educators and you as students at a Christian university are called upon to develop and deploy the skills necessary to bring solutions to the difficult world in which we live,” Hall said. “As the next generation of leaders, you need to take seriously this responsibility. Our future depends on it. It’s that simple.”

Hall explained that Wayland is taking an increased interest in helping students learn to “BeTheSolution by emphasizing the role education can play. He pointed to three areas that have been on his mind throughout the summer in preparation for the school year: Faith, access and excellence.

He challenged students to embrace these three areas within their education, saying faith “is who we are.”

“Our faith is in Jesus Christ. It’s the cornerstone of our mission. It’s the foundation of our vision, and it’s the source of our joy in serving you as students,” Hall said, quoting 2 Peter 1:5-7 as the model for being the solution. “It says that we should make every effort to add to our faith goodness; and to add to goodness knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.”

Access, Hall said, “is what we do.” As a university Wayland seeks to support students and to help them be successful in their pursuits, granting access to a quality education.

Hall then pointed to excellence as “how we do it,” striving for excellence in every aspect of personal and professional lives. Excellent service, excellent program and excellent outcomes is what students should expect at Wayland.

“Collective excellence begins with individual commitment,” Hall said. “Every person in this room can make a difference if we will make that commitment.”

In closing Hall encouraged student to make the most of their time in college and to prepare for what they will face.

“Know this,” he said, “the world you move into when you leave here is indeed a difficult and challenging one. It will require you to stretch and grow in ways that you can’t imagine. I challenge you to fully engage in the #BeTheSolution discussion that we will have throughout the year, and consider how faith, access and excellence can lead you to academic, societal and career success with a faith-informed world view. Your future, our future, the future of humankind depends on you. You need to take it seriously.”