Wayland system enrollment shows a 3% drop

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s fall enrollment numbers show some interesting trends as the number of traditional students has increased while the number of non-traditional has decreased. As a whole, the university, which includes 13 campuses in six states, saw a 3% drop in enrollment with only a 1% drop in credit hours when compared to the Fall 2015 statistics.

While the numbers still show a small decrease, school administrators are encouraged that enrollment seems to be leveling off after several years of declining numbers. The decrease remains within the non-traditional (or adult) student population.

In Plainview, Wayland’s only traditional college campus, undergraduate enrollment saw a 2% increase to 1,241 students in 2016 as compared to 1,216 last year. However, the graduate student population fell from 288 students to 237 students, reflecting a drop of a less-than 2%  in total enrollment.

Wayland’s external campuses, which serve a non-traditional market, showed a 3.7% decrease, including both graduate and undergraduate students. Not all campuses dropped in enrollment, however. The Hawaii campus was up more than 14% while the Amarillo campus saw a 17% increase in enrollment. The enrollment numbers also showed a near 20% increase in credit hours sold at each campus. Sierra Vista and Wichita Falls also showed enrollment increases of 6% and 4.4% respectively.

Wayland’s total enrollment for Fall 2016 is 5,068 students, down from 5,231 a year ago. Credit hours sold for Fall 2016 are 38,317, down from 38,742 in 2015.

Wayland enrollment by campus:
Anchorage, Alaska - 394
Fairbanks, Alaska- 91
Phoenix, Ariz. - 102
Sierra Vista, Ariz. - 225
Hawaii - 474
Albuquerque, N.M - 95
Clovis, N.M. - 65
Altus, Okla. - 25
Amarillo, Texas  - 137
Lubbock, Texas  - 538
San Antonio, Texas - 1,279
Wichita Falls, Texas - 165
Plainview, Texas - 1,478  
Total 5,068