Hall encourages students to take advantage of their opportunity

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University celebrated the beginning of another academic year Wednesday morning with Convocation Chapel. It was a time for the university family to gather – the faculty and staff in academic regalia – and listen to the charge outlined by university President Dr. Bobby Hall.

“Why are you here?” he challenged the student body.

Dr. Hall explained that the faculty and staff are here because they are committed to educating students and providing the best possible experience. He said they will provide all of the support and knowledge needed for students to succeed in the classroom.

“They care. They care a lot. Let them help you,” he said.

The key, he continued, is in how much students are willing to invest time and effort in their own education.

“We want you to get an education that is deep and broad,” Hall said. “To truly develop an understanding of the beauty of the world around you. To do that, you must invest in every class you take.”

He said that even the core classes that are outside of a chosen major are important to developing a truly educated world view.

Hall challenged student to learn all they can at every opportunity. To take advantage of job opportunities. To go on study tours. To take mission trips. To attend athletic events, music recitals and theatre performances. This, he said, is how they will gain a true liberal-arts education that will make them well-rounded individuals.

“Are you investing in the things that will help you get ahead in the years to come?” he asked.

Through it all, Hall explained, the basis for a Wayland education is grounded in faith.

“Don’t ask us to apologize for integrating the teachings of Jesus Christ into the daily activities of the university. It is who we are,” Hall said. “Don’t expect us to apologize for challenging you. It is in your best interest. And don’t be discouraged when times get tough. Remember God’s promise. … God’s grace is truly sufficient for all our needs.”

Hall concluded by encouraging students to take their education seriously and make plans that will guide future actions.

“God has assembled us for a purpose, and this world desperately needs changing,” he said. “You are the generation to do it. Too much is at stake to think otherwise.”