Students lead effort to raise awareness for End-It movement

February 20, 2015

PLAINVIEW -- Wayland Baptist University students are putting a new twist on two social issues, combining World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine with End It Movement’s Shine a Light on Slavery Day to raise awareness of sex slavery and trafficking in the United States.

Students will participate in 30 hours of prayer and fasting on Friday and Saturday, in conjunction with the Shine a Light on Slavery Day scheduled for Friday.

The 30-Hour Famine is typically a campaign to raise awareness of child hunger throughout the world while the End It Movement is trying to bring an end to all types of human slavery. With concern for both causes and just a few weeks removed from the Super Bowl, an event often surrounded by extensive sex trafficking, students at Wayland have decided to combine events to raise money and awareness in an effort to stop sex slavery in the United States.

“We are pushing for everyone to jump on board for fasting, praying and serving in the hopes of raising funds and helping those who are being trafficked all around the world,” said event organizer Nicole Adams, a senior psychology and religion major from Amarillo.

Adams, along with freshman Savanna Ludecke, of Frisco, started the Baptist Student Ministry’s prayer ministry last semester, a job that led to the organization of several events. Ludecke presented Adams with the idea of holding a special prayer time for those who are involved in sex trafficking during events surrounding the Super Bowl. Adams said there wasn’t enough time to put something together prior to the Super Bowl, so they decided to combine it with the already established End It Movement and its Shine a Light on Slavery Day.

Adams, Ludecke and Anthony Minjares, a junior from Hobbs, N.M., will begin posting red Xs around campus on Monday and Tuesday, the symbol used by the End It Movement. Those supporting the movement are asked to draw a red X on their hand and post pictures and comments to social media, using #ENDITMOVEMENT.

On Wednesday, the group will lead Wayland’s chapel service presenting statistics and videos dealing with slavery. There will also be a spoken word from a student, and testimonies from women pulled out of sex slavery will be read. The group will also give details on the 30-hour famine, a time of fasting and prayer that will take place beginning at noon on Friday.

“We will have sign-up sheets and a way for students to engage in everything that is going on,” Adams said.

Once the fast begins, a prayer tent will be set up in the marsh in front of Harral Auditorium for anyone interested in praying for those involved with human trafficking. Additional information on the movement will be available and donations will be accepted. All donations will go to organizations that assist abused women.

Friday afternoon, the group will sell cookies to raise money and awareness. A special midnight worship service will be held on Friday and on Saturday, the group will volunteer at the Crisis Center to paint and help with basic repairs. At 6 p.m., those participating will break their fast together with a time of fellowship and reflection on the event.

Adams hopes the event will raise awareness for the cause, but more importantly, further the cause of Christ throughout the world.

“None of this can happen without prayer and without the help of Christ,” she said. “That’s the reason we are doing this.”