Theatre to present "Flight: The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh"

February 16, 2015

PLAINVIEW -- Wayland Baptist University’s School of Fine Arts will present Flight: The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh Feb. 26-28 in Wayland’s Black Box theatre in the Harral Fine Arts Complex.

Tickets for the show are $8 for adults and $4 for children. Tickets may be purchased online at Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “buy tickets” link.

Directed by Dr. Marti Runnels, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Flight encompasses the full life span of Charles Lindbergh and how fame affected him and his family.

“When you were a kid growing up, the only thing you ever heard about Charles Lindbergh was flying across the Atlantic,” Runnels said. “When you got a little older, perhaps you saw a movie or something about the Lindbergh kidnapping. But I think for most people, that is where the experience ends. They don’t realize how else Lindbergh made headlines.”

In the height of his popularity in the late 1920s and the 1930s, Lindbergh was an icon. Lindbergh’s celebrity, at a time long before social media and the 24-hour news cycle, exceeded what is seen today.

Runnels said one scene in the play takes place at a time when people thought Lindbergh was dead. He had set out on his own without telling anyone where he was going and had not been heard from for quite some time. As the nation mourned, news broke that Lindbergh had been found. He was so popular that the Broadway production of Showboat was stopped mid-production to announce that Lindbergh was alive and well.

“Who would they stop a show for today?” Runnels asked. “I guarantee if the President of the United States died, they would stop a Broadway show to tell them. They would walk out in the street and hear it, but they wouldn’t stop the show.

“It’s just hard to imagine that kind of celebrity.”

The show stars Zachary Fisher as Charles Lindbergh and Tammy Brooks as Ann Morrow Lindbergh. Joshua Walters represents the press. Other actors who play several rolls are Ryan Hernandez, Michael Bishop, Ian Kirk, Tammy Lucero and Jordan Sisson.

The set is designed by Joanna Shutts who graduated in December. Shutts designed the set as her senior project.

The production will also be taken to the Christian University Theatre Festival at Howard Payne University in Brownwood March 2-4.