Enrollment numbers show decline at Wayland

October 1, 2014

PLAINVIEW – After several years of record enrollments, Wayland Baptist University is reporting a decline in numbers for the second straight year. Enrollment for the Fall 2014 semester shows an 11% decrease, the majority of which coming from Wayland’s 12 external campuses.

Total enrollment for Fall 2014 is 5,536 students, taking 23,345 credit hours.

Wayland’s Plainview campus dropped slightly with a 5.5% decrease. Enrollment at the Plainview campus is 1,664 graduate and undergraduate students. Fall numbers show 1,298 undergraduate students enrolled, down 50 from the previous fall. WBU-Plainview also saw a decrease of 46 graduate students with 366 enrolled for the fall term.

The most significant decrease came from Wayland’s external campuses where enrollment dropped to 3,872 students, down from 4,470 a year ago. That number reflects both graduate (1,189) and undergraduate (2,683) students for a total decline of 13.38%. The external campuses cater largely to non-traditional students, including adult learners and military.

Wayland’s Amarillo and Fairbanks campuses were the only campuses to show increases in enrollment. Amarillo registered 121 students, up from 93 last fall. Fairbanks showed a 3% increase in enrollment with 139 students, four more than the previous year.

Wayland operates campuses in Plainview, Amarillo, Lubbock, Wichita Falls and San Antonio, Texas; Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska; Phoenix and Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Mililani, HI; Albuquerque and Clovis, N.M.; and Altus, Okla.

Fall 2014 Enrollment
Campus      Enrollment     %(+/-)
Anchorage, AK 478      -9.64
Fairbanks, AK    139      2.96
Phoenix, AZ    143      -13.33
Sierra Vista, AZ  225      -16.67
Mililani, HI  295      -12.98
Albuquerque, NM  115      -17.27
Clovis, NM    94        -22.31
Altus, OK 35        -16.67
Amarillo, TX  121      30.11
Lubbock, TX  572      -2.39
San Antonio, TX 1,461   -19.99
Wichita Falls, TX 194      -13.78
Plainview, TX  1,664   -5.45
Total  5,536   -11.14