Wayland celebrates spring commencement

May 10, 2014

PLAINVIEW -- Wayland Baptist University celebrated spring commencement Saturday afternoon with 105 students participating in graduation exercises in Hutcherson Center.

Aubrey Pedigo, a graduating senior from Canyon and the 2014 winner of the Female Citizen of the Year Award, gave the student address, challenging her classmates to embrace those who love them, pray for their fellow graduates, smile, and trust in God, submitting to His will and future plans for their lives.

“Who are you now?” Pedigo asked. “Don’t worry about reaching to check off your next goal point right away on your big-girl or big-boy list. Just take the time and enjoy the ride of getting to grow.”

Wayland President Dr. Paul Armes gave graduates a three-point charge.

First, he said don’t look at graduation as an ending, but rather a beginning. He challenged students to continue to learn and to grow, saying there is no way college professors can teach them everything they will need to know. Hopefully, however, graduates will have the skills and knowledge they need to foster a desire to learn more.

Secondly, Dr. Armes told students not to underestimate their power to change to world. Each person’s gifts, when given to God, can accomplish many things.

“I hope you’ll give the gift of your life and its skills, and its talents, and now its knowledge to our Lord,” he said, “understanding that He will use you in ways you never dreamed possible.”

Dr. Armes completed his challenge telling students to never stop seeking the will of God for their lives.

“What do you see as God’s dream for your life?” Armes said. “As that linkage occurs -- your dreams and God’s dreams -- as they merge into one, a road map emerges and you feel on your heart and on your life, the touch of God’s hand as He guides you and empowers you, and as He helps you to know not only where you need to go, but also what you are supposed to do once you get there.

“That’s where the real joy in life is found.”

May 2014 graduates are:
Master of Arts in Counseling: Bonnie Cantu, Petersburg; Kendra Duncan, Lubbock; Melisa Hernandez, Lubbock; Leslee Hindman, Lubbock; Resa Jimenez, Hale Center; Andrea Kissick, Seminole; Shae Petrusky, Canton; Jeremy Thompson, Amarillo; Sylvia Trevino, Lubbock; Janet Watts, Pampa

Master of Arts in English: Rita Cox, Plainview; Ashley Edlin, Plainview; Melissa Pawelek, Lovington, NM; Ellen Shelton, New Castle, IN.

Master of Arts in History: Heather Gerszewski, Ahwahnee, Calif.; Robert Urrita, Jr., Lubbock; Nikki Williams, Gould, OK.

Master of Business Administration: Laura Cortazar, Plainview; Shermon Gardner, Arima, Trinidad; Robert Lucero, Amarillo; Kevin Route, Jr., New Orleans, La; Mario Scott, Bridgetown Barbados

Master of Education: Benjalyn Foster, Kress; Salina Marks, Floydada; Latanya Nation, Clarendon, Jamaica; Rodney Wallace, Plainview

Master of Public Administration: Savanya Hall, Cocoa, FL; Stanley Hall, Jr., Hot Springs, AR; Victor LeMay, Uvalde; David Mull, Plainview

Bachelor of Applied Science: Nieves Binnick, Houston; Meagan Conner, Lubbock; Jacqueline Estes, Plainview; Flora Ferrer, Plainview; Vanessa Hernandez, Plainview; Jaclyn Lawson, Pearland; Kelly Lawson, Pearland; Markus Monroe, Monrovia, CA; Travis Payton, Glendale, AZ; Shaunacy Ray, Plainview; Dawnyelle Rios, Plainview

Bachelor of Arts With Honors: Hannah Wells, Plainview

Bachelor of Arts: Jose Alvarez, Hereford; Lauren Diener, Waxahachie; Doris Ellis, Plainview; Joshalyn Estrada, El Paso; Daniel Garza, Petersburg; Ebony Holloman, Lubbock; Kyndra Jackson, Plainview; Ryan Morton, Plainview; Cristhian Ospina, Hereford; Aaron Prentice, Miami, FL;  Crystal Rodriguez, Plainview; Timothy Stone, Anton; Jenna Swift, Aledo; Benjamin Ufford, Tucson, AZ; Ofelia Valdez, Dallas; Elizabeth Williams, Sugar Land

Bachelor of Business Administration: Josh Amador, Plainview; Jaharys Archilla, Miami, FL; Michael Gerber, Amarillo; Rebecca Hall, Plainview; D’Nae Kellum, Plainview; Jimmy Lu, Vancouver, Canada; Vuong Phuong, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Albert Tapia, Jr., Sacramento, CA; Luis Trujillo, Plainview; Caleb Williams, Albuquerque

Bachelor of Christian Ministry: John Bocko, Post; David Ditmore, Amarillo; Sammie Jones, Guthrie; Wesley Tayntor, Wichita Falls

Bachelor of Music: Carlos Saldana, Tulia; Kenneth Walker, Lubbock; Artega Wright, Dallas

Bachelor of Science With Honors: Brian Adamson, Plainview; Trevor Burrow, Lubbock

Bachelor of Science: Thomas Bailey, Perth, Australia; Hailey Budnick, Missouri City; Celestina Cano, Olton; Angeleigh Davis-Newton, Buda; Natasha Giacommazi, Canyon; Bernardo Gonzalez, El Paso; Kristine Hannah, Albuquerque, NM; Paige Keller, Ballinger; Jessica Killerlain, Lodi, WI; Anna Kite, Lubbock; Marcus Limon, Lubbock; Branda McCartie, Plainview; Brenda Mendoza, El Paso; Olivia Patterson, Savannah, GA; Travis Rovillo, Titusville, FL; Natividad Sandoval III, Olton; Kyler Templeton, Stamford; Amanda Webster, Katy; Celia Williams, Sudan; Garrett Williamson, St. Peters, MO

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies: Allison Collins, Roswell, NM; Jessica Cummings, Lubbock; Meagan Dixon, Memphis; Dario Guerrero, Hart; Haley Lunsford, Earth; Lorna Lydick, Joes, CO; Aubrey Pedigo, Canyon

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education: Michael Tamez, Lubbock.