Wayland holds Honors Luncheon to recognize students

April 25, 2014

PLAINVIEW – The 33rd Annual Honors Luncheon was held on Friday at Wayland Baptist University, celebrating those students who go above and beyond in their academic pursuits. The luncheon is a chance to recognize all students who are members of various academic honors societies, as well as give special recognition to those graduating seniors who have completed all the requirements for the honors program.

Brian Adamson and Trevor Burrow were recognized for completing the honors program, each giving a brief synopsis of their honors thesis. Dr. Andrew Farley, Christian author and lead pastor of Ecclesia Church in Lubbock, then gave the keynote address.

Adamson summarized his research thesis “Knot Selection in Least Squares Approximation with Free Knot Splines,” saying his study concerned ways to approximate data with the least amount of “noise” or useless information. Burrow’s research thesis, “Purification and Partial Characterization of 4T1 Cell Cytotoxins from Ginger,” dealt with determining the effect of extracts from medicinal plants on cancer cells. Both students gave detailed presentations of their research during the School of Mathematics and Sciences annual research day later Friday afternoon.

Farley then challenged the concept of leadership, looking at it through a Christian perspective.

“Christian leadership has a different dynamic to it,” Farley said. “We lead by following.”

Farley said Christian leadership begins by being “filled with the spirit.” He said the filling is an ongoing process, a concept that Christians have struggled to understand. He referred to Ephesians 3:14-19 when answering the question of what it truly means to be filled with the spirit.

“It is the power to grab hold of and understand how huge God’s love is for us,” Farley said.

Farley said once Christians understand the depth of God’s love and what it means to be “in Christ,” then they begin to understand how to lead.

“We are designed to be receivers,” he said, “to absorb the love of God and as we do that, that is how we lead.

“We lead by being led.”