Enrollment down at Wayland Baptist University

October 23, 2013

PLAINVIEW – After several years of record enrollments at Wayland Baptist University, fall numbers show a drop in head count and credit hours throughout the university.

Based in Plainview, Wayland operates campuses in 12 external locations with more than 50 teaching sites. Fall enrollment numbers show a drop in enrollment at all campus locations. Campuses in Sierra Vista and Phoenix, Ariz., were hardest hit, recording enrollment decreases of 28% and 26% respectively. The combined enrollment for the two campuses that cater primarily to non-traditional students is 435 students, down from 601 students a year ago. Credit hours are also down at the two campuses with Sierra Vista showing a 33% drop in hours and Phoenix reporting a 26% decrease.

The Plainview campus was the least affected by the enrollment downturn seeing only a 3.6% decrease in student head count and a 2.8% decrease in credit hours. The Plainview campus has a fall enrollment of 1,760 students, of which 1,348 are undergraduates and 412 are enrolled in graduate courses. Plainview students are enrolled in 17,426 credit hours, down from 17,927 hours a year ago.

San Antonio remains the campus with the largest enrollment, having just opened a new teaching site. The San Antonio campus reports 1,826 students, down 7.3% from a year ago.

Total enrollment for the university shows 6,222 students taking 44,817 credit hours. Last year, 6,834 students were enrolled in 48,779 credit hours.

Wayland operates campuses in Plainview, Amarillo, Lubbock, Wichita Falls and San Antonio, Texas; Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska; Phoenix and Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Mililani, HI; Albuquerque and Clovis, N.M.; and Altus, Okla.

Fall 2013 Student Enrollment (head count)


Campus                     enrollment    %(+/-)

Anchorage, AK      
529  -6.4%
Fairbanks, AK  135  -7.5%
Phoenix, AZ 
165   -26.3%
Sierra Vista, AZ  270   -28.4%
Mililani, HI 339      -13.3%
Albuquerque, NM 139 -6.1%
Clovis, NM 121  -11%
Altus, OK 42 -10.6%
Amarillo, TX 93  -14.7%
Lubbock, TX  585  -6.1%
San Antonio, TX     1,826 -7.3%
Wichita Falls, TX 225 -19.4%
Plainview, TX  1,760 -3.6%

6,222   -8.96%