Wayland ranked No. 1 in affordability for B.S.N. program

December 7, 2013

PLAINVIEW -- Wayland Baptist University has been recognized by the SR Education Group, based in Kirkland, Wash., as offering one of the most affordable college online degrees, ranking Wayland No. 1 in affordability for its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and No. 12 for its Master of Education degree.

The SR Education Group is dedicated to creating authoritative online education and career-related resources. Wayland is featured, along with other online schools, at a new website, www.OnlineU.org. According to Director of Marketing Kimberly Wetter, the SR Education Group conducted extensive research to determine the most affordable online degree programs.

According to its website, the SR Education Group “creates and maintains websites aimed at connecting students with the resources necessary to pursue their educations – from learning about what degree programs are available and connecting them with schools that offer those programs, to learning about other students’ experiences.”

Wayland continues to develop and add to its online programs. The university currently offers three bachelor’s programs and eight master’s level programs. Students can earn a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Christian Ministry, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree online. Or they can work toward a graduate degree with master’s degrees available in history, English, management, business administration, Christian ministry, education, public administration and the new Master of Divinity program.

Wayland currently has approximately 2,800 students enrolled in online programs. Online tuition for undergraduate programs is $338 per hour. Graduate tuition is $395 per hour. For more information call, 1-800-588-1928.