Wayland honors students during annual luncheon 

April 17, 2013

Faculty and staff at Wayland Baptist University recognized the university’s honors students at the annual Honors Luncheon. The event included presentations by two members of the Honors Program, Taylor Eaves and Hannah Wells, and keynote speaker Professor Emeritus Christa Smith.

Eaves, a senior chemistry major from Buckeye, Ariz., gave a brief synopsis of his honors project, “Purification and Characterization of 4T1 Breast Cancer Cell Cytotoxins from Rosmarinus officianlis.” In his project, which is under the direction of Wayland chemistry professor Dr. Gary Gray and is part of a larger one being undertaken by the School of Math and Science, Eaves was attempting to determine if compounds taken from rosemary could be used in fighting breast cancer. Through the use of thin-layer chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography, he was able to evaluate compounds extracted from powdered rosemary root against standards (carnosic acid and ursolic acid). One compound (Band 8) was found to be effective in killing 4T1 breast cancer cells and based upon its chromographic behavior, Eaves was able to determine that Band 8 likely is carnosic acid. That would suggest that carnosic acid could be used as a cancer treatment.

In a presentation during Spring Research Day later in the afternoon, Eaves explained that the next step will be to determine how the compound is killing the cancer cells.

Hannah Wells, a senior English major from Plainview, gave a brief presentation of her honors project, “In the Midst of Years.” The project, which was begun under the direction of Dr. Ashley Faulkner and completed under the direction of School of Language and Literature’s dean, Dr. Cindy McClenagan, is a creative writing project made up primarily of her poetry.

Smith, who spent four decades teaching English and foreign languages at Wayland, came to Texas from Germany as an Army bride. After relating the impact of German immigrants on culture and society in the United States, Smith pointed out that every person and every institution has a story to tell. Among others, Smith said, Wayland’s stories include past professors such as Dr. Sherman B. Neff, one of her favorite English professors when she was a student at Wayland. She explained that in addition to his expertise in the classroom, he took a great interest in his students’ continued success beyond his courses. She also spoke of Dr. Dorothy McCoy, a former mathematics professor who also was passionate about missions and left her estate to the university and her local church as a legacy.

Smith told the students to enjoy their time at Wayland and to understand the legacy they have and the wonderful environment that Wayland represents. She illustrated her point with a final story.

She told of a student of hers from several years back who had been thrilled about completing his time at Wayland and moving on to a larger university.

“A year later,” she said, “I bumped into him on the first floor of Gates Hall. I said, ‘Xavier, hi, how are you? How’s it going?’ and he said, ‘I am coming back to Wayland.’

“ ‘That’s great. Why?’ I asked.

“ ‘Well, you just called me by my name. I was in what I thought was my dream school for a whole year, and not one person ever called me by my name.’

“Wayland has many great stories to tell, about faculty, administrators, but especially its students. So how about adding your name, your stories, your pride to the list,” she concluded.

The luncheon also included recognition of Kathlyn Magallan, who presented the winning design for the honors medallions.

Members of Wayland’s honor societies are:

Honors program participants (under the direction of history professor Dr. Niler Pyeatt): David Brosseau, Hannah Wells, Madison Abbott, Lauryn Bruggink, Joshua Tavares, Christopher Woodcook, Taylor Eaves, Brian Adamson, Jessica Kenneson, Carlos Camarena, Sarah Van der Linden, Michael Holubik, Trevor Burrow, Haley Bonner, Laura Garrison, Emileigh Willems, Rachel Laue, Erin Miller, Sara Flinn, Ashley Price and Rachel Peters.

Alpha Chi (a national honor society sponsored by professor of counseling and psychology Dr. Perry Collins): Rebekah Brown, Charles Carr, Lauren Huckabee, Hailey Budnick, Jancee Cotton, Amber Riley, Rachel Laue, Meagan Dixon, Caitlin Walker, Jennifer Coble and Ian Mather.

Alpha Mu Gamma (foreign languages, sponsored by Spanish professor Dr. Joshua Mora): Yanna Elliot, Garrett Phillips, Sarah Johnson, Justin Sproles, Angel Hernandez, Lindsay Inscore, David Brosseau, Christopher Woodcook, Caitlin McCulloch, Maria Carillo, RaeLeigh Hurst, Ginny Staton, Meagan Dixon and Jessica Martinez.

Alpha Psi Omega (theater, sponsored by the dean of the School of Fine Arts, Dr. Marti Runnels): Elizabeth Miller, Kristofer Bransom, Coleman Scroggins and David Brosseau.

Kappa Delta Pi (teacher education, sponsored by education professor Dr. Jo Beth DeSoto): Lauren Huckabee, Katelyn Johnson, Haley Lunsford and Aubrey Pedigo.

Phi Alpha Theta (history, sponsored by associate professor of history Tom Ray): Heather Gerszewski, Lindsay Inscore, Rachel Laue, Claire Jacobsma, Rebekah Brown, Doris Terrell and Michael Holubik.

Psi Chi (psychology, sponsored by Dr. Perry Collins): Emma Taylor, MacKenzie Rice, Meghan Swanson, Ginny Staton, Brenda McCartie and Krista Campbell.

Sigma Beta Delta (business, sponsored by associate professor of business Dr. George Valentine): Ashley Rima, Jessica Salazar, Samantha Garcia, Caitlin Walker, Matthew Molina and Maria Carrillo.

Sigma Tau Delta (English, co-sponsored by Dr. Cindy McClenagan and assistant professor of English Dr. Laura Brandenburg): Brian Spruill, Amanda Page, Victoria Herbert, Jenny Aldred, Rachel Laue, Kelsey Wright, Lindsay Inscore, Leigh Moreno, Becca Davis, Haley Bonner, Elizabeth Miller, Kaylie Young, Hannah Wells, David Brosseau, Heather Gerszewski, Jaclyn Alford, Alexa Taulbee, Rebekah Brown, Caitlin McCullock, Levonne Castillo, Hannah Goble and Lance Williams.