Wayland trustees approve $68.8 million budget

March 22, 2012

PLAINVIEW – The Wayland Baptist University Board of Trustees approved a $68.8 million dollar budget during their annual spring meeting on Thursday.

Highlighted by the celebration of the naming of Jimmy Dean Hall, the new men’s dormitory on the Wayland campus, the trustees approved a budget that addresses the needs of the university for the 2012-13 academic year. The budget reflects an increase of roughly 4.5 percent, paralleling the national norm for private, four-year institutions. It is well below the more than 8 percent increase for public, four-year schools.

The new budget includes an increase in tuition rates. The average Plainview campus student taking 12 hours will pay an additional $240 per semester. The average student on Wayland’s external campuses, taking six hours will pay an additional $66 per term.

The increase brings Plainview undergraduate tuition to $455 per hour while students on external campuses pay $242 per hour. Graduate tuition will increase to $410 per hour in Plainview and $282 at the external campuses. Virtual campus tuition will increase to $322 for undergraduate hours and $376 for graduate hours.

The trustees also discussed the building projects on campus. A report from Dr. Claude Lusk, vice president for enrollment management, stated that the dorm construction is on schedule and on budget. The dorm is scheduled to be completed in time to house students for the fall 2012 semester.

Constructions crews recently completed the renovation of the Brown Family Conference Center, formerly Brown Chapel that will house the Office of Church Service and the Wayland Missions Center.

Also on schedule for renovation this summer is the University Center. Dr. Lusk stated that the dining hall will be renovated to reflect more of a residence hall dining facility with additional food services lines and offerings. The cafeteria will also be open for additional hours throughout the day to accommodate the anticipated increase in enrollment. Lusk said the plans also call to renovate the existing student lounge in the basement of the University Center, turning it into a Starbucks style coffee house. Wayland’s food service contractor, Sodexo, is a partner with Starbucks. This will allow the coffee house to have a Starbucks feel, Starbucks signage and sell Starbucks products without purchasing a Starbucks franchise. Plans are to complete the renovation this summer.

Trustees also approved emeritus status for Dr. Glenn Saul and Mrs. Christa Smith. Dr. Saul has been with Wayland in various capacities since 1997. He has served as a campus director, full-time faculty member and vice president for Wayland. He retired in February. Smith has been a full-time professor of English, French and German at Wayland for the last 43 years. She will retire at the end of the spring semester.

Seven Wayland faculty members were approved for promotion. Dr. Dean Daniel, Dr. Diane Frazor, Dr. Sandra Mosteller, Dr. Shelley Tapp, Dr. Joselyn Thompson and Dr. Cassie Collins were approved for full Professor status.

At a special luncheon, trustees acknowledged a newly endowed student scholarship. The Otto B. and Madonna Schacht Endowed Scholarship is named for Wayland’s Dean of the School of Business and his wife. Their sons, Otto Jackie-Don Schacht and Byron Fritz-Nelson Schacht, and several friends and family were on hand to celebrate the occasion.