Abraham Art Gallery Hosts Scholastic Art Competition

January 25, 2012

Art students from across the South Plains have earned the right to participate in the upcoming National 2012 Scholastic Art Competition, placing them in the running not only for cash prizes and scholarships, but for a chance to have their work displayed at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC.

The local work is part of the recent West Texas Regional 2012 Scholastic Art Competition, hosted annually by the Wayland Baptist University art department and the Abraham Art Gallery. The local competition is funded, in part, by grants from the City of Plainview Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Plainview Cultural Arts Council, Inc.

It is on display through Feb. 11 at the Abraham Art Gallery on the Wayland Baptist University campus. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday; and 2-5 p.m. on Saturday. The gallery also will make extended hours available for out-of-town school groups by appointment. For more information, call 806-291-3710.

According to Dr. Candace Keller, curator for the Abraham Gallery, “The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, founded in 1923, is the longest running, most prestigious competition; and largest source of scholarships for creative teenagers in the United States.”

Keller said that over the past eight decades the organization has encouraged more than 13 million students, recognized more than 9 million young artists and writers and made available more than $25 million in awards and scholarships.

“The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, a nonprofit sponsoring organization, works with 100 regional affiliates to provide creative teens with exceptional artistic and literary talent with opportunities for recognition,” she said.

Keller said the West Texas region is made up of 18 counties and also takes in at-large and home-school students across the area. The competition is open to students in the 7th-12th grades. Keller expressed her appreciation to area teachers who encouraged students to participate and helped with the competition. She also expressed appreciation to her colleague in the Wayland art department and co-chair, Mark Hilliard, as well as the Abraham Art Gallery staff, Dorothy Hilliard, Judy Butler and Bula McGowan. The show was judged by Joe Garnett, Trey Shirley and Steve Wood.

For this year’s juried West Texas competition, the curator said more than 1,000 works of art were submitted. That was juried down to approximately 500 pieces and there were approximately 175 Gold Key awards chosen.

Those Gold Key winners will go on to the national competition in New York where winners will be eligible for the above-mentioned cash awards and scholarships, Keller said, adding that notable past winning artists at the national level include Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, Luis Jimenez, Phillip Pearlstein, Sylvia Plath, Robert Redford, David Salle, Truman Capote, John Lithgow and Joyce Carol Oates.

Winners from this year’s West Texas Regional 2012 Scholastic Art Competition, whose work currently is on display at the Abraham Art Gallery, are:

Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center: Gold, Rachel Myers; Gold, Katina Bueno; Gold, Staci Gleason; Silver, Joseph Tacitt; Silver, Alissa Warden; Silver, Karishma Daji; Silver, Isabella Calloni; Silver, Caitlyn Maldonado; Silver, Katherine Johnson; Silver, Grant Henderson; Silver, Isabella Calloni; HM, Jinal Kapadia; HM, Audra Fields; HM, Rachel Nelson; HM, Keanan Owens; HM, Aaron Mitchell; HM, Chance Cook; HM, Audra Fields; HM, Sheriden Treadwell; HM, Yasmine Borno; HM, Hannah Mills.

Coronado High School:  Gold, Kevin Hsiang; Gold, Ashley Shelton; Gold, Lauren Bjorgo; Gold, Gideon Simiyu; Gold, Ashley Shelton; Gold, Cathleen Sullivan; Gold, Ashley Shelton; Gold, Dasha Donets; Gold, Cathleen Sullivan; Silver, Ashley Shelton; Silver, Patric Saran; Silver, Gunnar Meier; HM, Analysa Tribble; HM, Cathleen Sullivan.

Crosbyton High School: Gold, Tori Garcia; Gold, Amanda Bogart; Gold, Amanda Bogart; Silver, Amanda Bogart; Silver, Amanda Bogart; Silver, Victoria Vasquez; Silver, Amanda Bogart; Silver, Amanda Bogart; Silver, Amanda Bogart; HM, Kathryn Vernon; HM, Tori Garcia; HM, Amanda Bogart; HM, Amanda Bogart; HM, Kathryn Vernon; HM, Julio Calderon.

Crosbyton Middle School: Gold, Savana Ware; Gold, Savana Ware; Silver, Timothy Appling; HM, Justin Jones.

Denver City High School:  Gold, Alexis Gutierrez; Gold, Juan Escalante; Gold, Karlie Billings; Gold, Zulema Rodriguez; Gold, Magen Quezada; Gold, Yesenia Rios; Gold, Mason Milligan; Silver, Carlos Salas; Silver Lakayla Shoemaker; Silver, Sabrina Riccobene; HM, Karissa Kelley; HM, Kylie Grajeda; HM, Kendra Smith; HM, Yesenia Rios; HM, Yesenia Rios; HM, Alexis Gutierrez; HM, Rebecca Felan; HM, Yesenia Rios; HM, Ricardo Gonzalez; HM, Adrianna Loya.

Estacado High School  — Lubbock I.S.D.: Gold, Nichole Stewart; Gold, Jerry Picon; Gold, Keoshia Wilson; Gold, Daryl O'Quinn; Silver, Darryl O'Quinn; HM, Kadeshia Fletcher.

Estacado Jr. High School — Plainview I.S.D.: Gold, Dakota Carden; Gold, Haylee Bennett; Silver, Marissa Carillo; Silver, Toniqua Bell; Silver, Anthony Washinton; Silver, Orlando Vargas; Silver, Samantha Flores; Silver, Jay Hilerio; Silver, Joshua Mata; Silver, Fernando Chairez; Silver, Jose Soto; HM, Mady Murphree; HM, Crystabella Rodriguez; HM, Paris Noblett; HM, Amy Summers; HM, Carlos Granados; HM, Orlando Vargas; HM, Anthony Washington; HM, Cedric Rosales; HM, Toniqua Bell.

Frenship High School: American Vision;  Tabitha Hansen, Gold,  Ashley Villa; Gold, Caitlyn Noles; Gold, Desirae Maass; Gold, Tovi Oyervidez; Gold, Karla Bernal; Gold, Michael Arroyo; Gold, Alissa Trigo; Gold, Ashely Villa; Gold, Michael Arroyo; Gold, Ashely Villa; Gold, Angela Garcia; Gold, Sarah Baker; Gold, Maggie Craig; Gold, Christy Baugh; Gold, Eric Medrano; Gold, K. D. Rapp; Gold, Kiersten Jackson; Gold, Jessica Agrimor; Gold, Kristina Moreno; Gold, Mikaela Sircable; Gold, Jared Shelton; Gold, Taylor Gonzales; Gold, Eden Henry; Silver, Forrest Lockhart; Silver, Jessica Agrimor; Silver, Baley Pollard; Silver, Miranda Hinojosa; Silver, Caitlyn Barhorst; Silver, Bernadette Perez; Silver, Emily Ladd; Silver, Alyx Fields; Silver, Kiersten Jackson; Silver, Kelsey Reid; Silver, Jane Foote; Silver, Caitlyn Noles; Silver, Ashley Villa; Silver, Paige Fralick; Silver, Victoria Gonzalez; Silver, Abel Reyna; Silver, Brandon Harris; Silver, Brooke Singer; Silver, Forrest Lockhart; Silver, Kalli Bradford; Silver, Jordon Speer; Silver, Derek McNutt; Silver, Stephenie Miller; HM, Cyrria Romero; HM, Alex Evans; HM, Angela Garcia; HM, Abbey Whatley; HM, Kimberly Correa; HM, Jessica Agrimor; HM, Kiersten Jackson; HM, Alyssa Mensen; HM, Matt Metzler; HM, Mikaela Sircable; HM, Jane Foote; HM, Kiersten Jackson; HM, Bernadette Perez; HM, Angela Garcia; HM, Ashley Villa; HM, Eden Henry; HM, Tabitha Hansen; HM, Koty Beaudoin; HM, Viviana Krisher.

Frenship Heritage Middle School: Gold, Destiny Contreras; Gold, Clayton Brown; Gold, Jada Taylor; Gold, Bleux Garza; Gold, Skylar Fannin; Gold, Victoria Valles; Silver, Diana Heredia; Silver, Bailey Finney; Silver, Baeleigh Collier; HM, Rosie Navarrette; HM, Vivienne Inman; HM, Alex Barinque; HM, Clayton Brown; HM, Austin Carter; HM, Brooke Sosa; HM, Gabriel Inman; HM, Ronald Awatt; HM, Logan Peace.

Frenship Middle School: Gold, Aileen Martinez; Gold, Leah Giles; Silver, Cynthia Prieto; HM, Kelvon Johnson; HM, Leah Giles; HM, Cynthia Prieto; HM, Marissa Maribel; HM, Marissa Maribel.

Home School: Gold, Lauren Aguilar; Silver, Lauren Aguilar; Silver, Lauren Aguilar; Silver, Lauren Aguilar; Silver, Lauren Aguilar; Silver, Lauren Aguilar; HM, Lauren Aguilar; HM, Lauren Aguilar; HM, Lauren Aguilar.

Hutcherson Middle School: Gold, Brittany Livesay.

Irons Middle School: Gold, Justin Sutherland; Gold,  Sabrina De La Cerda; Gold, Koby Griggs; Gold, Sabrina De La Cerda; Gold, Emma Adams; Gold, Mariama Poquiz; Gold, Mason Carroll; Gold, Hanna Taylor; Gold, Mariama Poquiz; Gold, Hanna Taylor; Gold, Victoria Stetson; Gold, Alex Zaccardo; Gold, Matt Harper; Gold, Elia Martinez; Gold, Zach Low; Gold, Becky Schneider; Gold, Hailey Reed; Silver, Nick Gerard; Silver, Koby Griggs; Silver, Emma Adams; Silver, Taylor Lawrence; Silver, Holt Gatlin; Silver, Hanna Taylor; Silver, Katie Wirz; Silver, Catherine Limboy; Silver, Koby Griggs; Silver, Brittany Naul; Silver, Celine Cottenoir; HM, Mason Carroll; HM, Shelby Black; HM, Kaylynn Gonzales; HM, Diana Bae; HM, Shelby Black; HM, Zach Low; HM, Zach Low; HM, Elia Martinez; HM, Devin Mansgold; HM, Amelia Xie; HM, Abbie Newton; HM, Katie Jo Archer.

J.T. Hutchinson Middle School: Gold, Grant Scheppler; Gold, Shelbye Karr; Silver, Marisa Pincock; Silver, Rhosean Asmah; HM, Joseph Berumen; HM, Lauren Lopez; HM, Teairia Russell.

Levelland High School: Gold, Joe Chagoya; Gold,  Joe Chagoya; Gold, Isaac Jaramillo; Gold, Yolanda Cano; Gold, Joseph Tienda; Gold, Morgan Riley; Silver, Lorina Tarango; Silver, Karla Saenz; Silver, Morgan Riley; Silver, Seth Rose; Silver, Ralph Rodriguez; Silver, Ezkeiel Cervantes; HM, Yolanda Cano; HM, Morgan Riley; HM, Alexandra Montes; HM, Amber Perez; HM, Christopher Kiser; HM, Isaac Jaramillo; HM, Baylie Halbakken; HM, Alicia Castro.

Lockney High School: Silver, Brittany Thompson; HM, Taylor Rose; HM, Angelica Gonzales; HM, Taylor Rose; HM, Rayann Race; HM, Lindsay Stewart; HM, Cynthia Pesina; HM, Rayann Race; HM, Nicole Thompson.

Lubbock Cooper High School: Gold, Mikala Rhoads; Gold, Rebecca Sepeda; Gold, Keelie Nelson; Gold, Mikayla Hoople; Gold, Billie Swearengen; Gold, Katy Headrick; Gold, Billie Swearengen; Silver, W. Brice McKelvey; Silver, Austyn Rogers; Silver, Michael Prieto; Silver, Kyona Muraoka; Silver, Kelsey Odom; Silver, Alliah Locket; Silver, Jackson Setliff; Silver, Garrett Day; HM, Ulysses Ramos; HM, Kenia Ochoa; HM, Azucena Biorato-Sandoval;  Hm, Billy Wilson; HM, Austyn Rodgers;  HM, Ryan Ruble; HM, Austyn Rodgers;  HM, Meagan Bacigalupo; HM, Nicole Evans; HM, Grant Savage.

Monahans High School: Gold, Adrian Carlos; Gold, Katy Butler; Gold, Erika Hargrave; Gold, Ethan Sellers; Silver, Anthony Alvarez; Silver, Mandy Scott; Silver, Katy Butler; Silver, Alexis Rodriguez; Silver, Mateo Rivas; Silver, Elise Dutchover; Silver, Katy Butler; Silver, Dominique Olibas; Silver, Javier Pena;  Silver, Chelsea Helmers; HM, Ashley Gonzales; HM, Breana Talavera; HM, Anthony Alvarez; HM, Mandy Scott; HM, Tyler Jones; HM, Natalie Tipping; HM, Breana Talavera; HM, Cassidy Thackerson; HM, Katy Butler; HM, Dee Garcia.

Monterey High School: Gold,  Chris Marin; Gold, William Gariepy; Gold, Emily Lewallen; Gold, Kendra Ward; Gold, Ana Fabila; Gold, Savannah Salazar; Gold, Pedro Infante; Gold, Kendra Ward; Gold, Chris Marin; Gold, Viridiana Gonzales; Gold, Christopher Marin; Gold, Iris Campbell; Gold, Breanna Garcia; Gold, Nicole Andrew; Gold, Chayanee Penuschai; Silver, Emily Lewallen; Silver, David Alaniz; Silver, Emily Lewallen; Silver, Kippy Casarez; Silver, Lauren Williams; Silver, Lauren Williams; Silver, Chris Marin; Silver, Chris Marin; Silver, Anthony Salazar; Silver, Michael Cantu; Silver, Ana Fabila; Silver, Amari Aguilera; Silver, Nicole Andrew; Silver, Zach Smock; Silver, Iris Campbell; HM, Christopher Marin; HM, Lazaro Cantu; HM, Christopher Tawney; HM, Mariah Martinez; HM, Emily Lewallen; HM, Shannon Hobson; HM, Carmen Redondo; HM, Chris Marin; HM, Emily Lewallen; HM, Kendra Ward; HM, William Bacon; HM, Alexandria Covarrubio; Hm, Jazmin Sandoval; HM, Kristianna Garcia; HM, Jonathan Swartz.

Olton High School: Gold, Elizabeth Peralez; Gold, Elizabeth Peralez; Silver, Mercedes Peralez; Silver, Elizabeth Peralez; Silver, Logan Smith; Silver, Logan Smith; HM, Kasandra Sauceda; HM, Javier Villanueva; HM, Elizabeth Peralez; HM, Marcus Jimenez; HM, Elizabeth Peralez; HM, Elizabeth Peralez; HM, Elizabeth Peralez; HM, Javier Villanueva; HM, Skylar Kelly.

Plainview High School:  Gold, Erica Rodriguez; Gold, Mayra Garcia; Gold, Savanna Nava; Gold, Lluvia Lujan; Gold, Brianne Sanchez; Gold, Erica Rodriguez; Gold, Michelle Perez; Gold, Leonel Silva; Gold, Jonah Reyes; Gold, Leonel Silva; Gold, Reagine Ortiz; Gold, Leonel Silva; Silver, Lorenzo Cordero; Silver, Letty Cheyne; Silver, Heather Bozeman; Silver, Kenndreck Brown; Silver, Letti Chenye; Silver, Gabby Gamez; HM, Briane Sanchez; HM, Irving Yanez; HM, Kenndrick Brown; HM, Jessica Alderson; HM, Lorenzo Cordero; HM, Lluvia Lujan; HM, Letti Cheyne; HM, Letti Cheyne; HM, Lorenzo Cordera; HM, Savanna Nava; HM, Savanna Nava; Hm, Lupita Guerrero; HM, Gabby Gamez; HM, Mayra Garcia; HM, Blanca Arellano.

Post High School: Gold, Fabian Torres; HM, Fabian Torrez.

Shallowater High School: Gold, Gustavo Iglesias; Gold, Allison Maldonado; Gold, Taelor Spear; Gold, Kenzi Callaway; Gold, Connor Loftis; Silver, Kanzi Callaway; Silver, Eden Montalvo; Silver, Esperanza Morales; HM, Madison McIntire; HM, Venus W. Garcia; HM, Batai Gisonno; HM, Guadalupe Islas.

Shallowater Middle School: Gold, Nolan Wilkinson; Gold, Parker Sarchet; Gold, Carson Fields; Gold, Chris Contreras; Gold, Taylour Weldon; Gold, Presley Eaker; Gold, Callie Criswell; Silver, Lexi Robinson; Silver, Sydney Irons; Silver, Taylour Weldon; Silver, Ran Johnston; Silver, Megan Morris; Silver, Chandler Sarchet; Silver, Zack Cummings; Silver; Carole Coffman; Silver, Presley Eaker; Silver, Carole Coffman; HM, Kelsey Van Liew; HM, Minnie Garza; HM, Michael Peters; HM, Penny Parrish; HM, Penny Parrish; HM, Abby Hendrick; HM, Connor Smith; HM, Jacob Duenes; HM, Taylor Weldon.

Slaton High School: American Vision, Laken Rodriquez; Gold, Lindsey Robinson; Gold, Morgan King; Silver, Ashton Petties; Silver, Cruz Vasquez; HM, Jesse Botello.

Slaton Jr. High School: Silver, Joshua Monreal; HM, Mark Maldonado; HM, Vivien Gutierrez.

Sudan High School: American Vision, Hailee Gonzales; Gold, Charly Schafmeyer; Gold, Brianna Azua; Gold, Ashton Sawyer; Gold, Ashton Sawyer; Gold, Tommy Whitehurst; Gold, Terra DeSautell; Gold Madison Chester; Gold, Nik Clarkson; Gold, Yaneth Solis; Gold, Mitch Edwards; Gold, Nancy Delgado; Gold, Denise Salazar; Gold, Jesus Lazoya; Silver, Ashton Sawyer; Silver, Terra DeSautell; Silver, Kristina Thorn; Silver, Brittney Cabrera; Silver, Natalee Olivarez; Silver, Julie Gonzales; Silver, Brianna Azua; HM, Amber Binion; HM, Alex Rodriguez; HM, Alex Figueroa; HM, Kelbi Harris; HM, Kristina Thorn.

Tahoka High School: Gold, Preston Hammonds; Silver, Vanessa Mendez; Silver, Dillon Trevino; HM, Carly Wright; HM, Jessica Fowler.

Terra Vista Middle School: American Vision, Andrea Clawson; Gold, Fallyn Berry; Gold, Sierra Honesto; Gold, Jose Nunez; Gold, Pheem Sopontammarak; Gold, Delanie Padilla; Gold, Courtney Young; Gold, Alyssa Lara; Gold, Andrea Clawson; Gold, Ethan Thurman; Gold, Kaylee Swinford; Silver, Taylor Harris; Silver, Brooklyn Childers; Silver, Alyssa Jimenez; Silver, Mackenzie Boyd; Silver, Andrea Clawson; Silver, Taylor Clanton; Silver, Querida Gonzalez; HM, Jennifer Hilburn; HM, Ellie Niavez; HM, Querida Gonzalez; HM, Pheem Sopontammarak; HM, Mariah LaFranboise; HM, Kennedy Mcleod.

Trinity Christian High School: American Vision, Phillip Moore; Gold, Makenzie Keneda; Gold, Katherine Potts; Gold, Zoe Walkup; Gold, Makenzie Keneda; Silver, Amy Davis; Silver, Katherine Potts; Silver, Charisse Aguas; Silver, Raemi Gipson; Silver, Katherine Potts; Silver, Amy Davis; HM, Amy Davis; HM, Kimberly Mears; HM, Charisse Aquas; HM, Raemi Gipson; HM, Kennedi Ross; HM, Charisse Aguas.

Trinity Chrisian Jr. High School: Gold, Emily Tardy; Gold, Maggie Jacobs; Gold, Becca Carroll; Silver, Nancie Wheeler; Silver, Abbie Jabor; Silver, Chris Gaschen; Silver, Burke Bunyard; Silver, Alec Ewald; HM Travis Taylor; HM, Elisabeth Escobar; HM, Chris Gaschen; HM, Star Thomas; HM, Ashton Duncan; HM Addison Pratt; HM, Matthew Dawdy.