HCSB kicks off fundraising campaign

August 11, 2012

PLAINVIEW – When Wayland Baptist University unveiled its latest fundraising effort, HCSB was quick to jump on board and lend a helping hand. The Raising the Turf campaign is a fundraising effort to cover the cost of installing AstroTurf on the playing surface at Wayland’s Wilder Field baseball complex.

Thanks to a generous donation, the artificial turf has already been acquired. Now, Wayland needs to raise approximately $350,000 to prepare the surface for installation, including proper drainage and barriers that need to be put in place before the turf can be installed. HCSB was the first to make a significant donation to the project, giving $10,000.

“HCSB recognizes the importance of having Wayland in the community,” said Senior Vice President Matt Kelley. “We have been longtime partners and we’re glad we can help in whatever endeavors Wayland is going through, athletically or academically.”

The turf will be a major benefit to the WBU baseball program as student workers will spend less time prepping and caring for the field. It is also estimated that the turf will save approximately $25,000 a year in maintenance cost and will conserve precious water resources.

WBU officials say it will also play in important role in recruiting and keeping quality athletes, as well as provide a better environment for hosting community events, summer league baseball tournaments and high school playoff games throughout the year.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the project may call the Wayland Offices of Advancement at 291-3426 or log on to www.wbu.edu/giving and click on the Raising the Turf link.