Wayland Receives Award for Distance Learning

September 30, 2011

PLAINVIEW, Texas – Wayland Baptist University continues to gain recognition for its continued efforts to bring education to those for whom it may not be readily available. At this week’s 29th annual conference for the National University Technology Network held in Fort Worth, Wayland received the prestigious Shirley Davis Award for Excellence in Synchronous Distance Learning.

The NUTN Web site says, “Shirley Davis was a NUTN member and visionary leader of teleconference development and delivery at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), where she was Director of Learning innovations.” This award recognizes individuals, organizations and institutions for their diligence in providing distance learning opportunities “of a superior nature.”

The Shirley Davis Award specifically recognizes the WBU-Hawaii campus for its work with the Coast Guard. Wayland is now offering classes via interactive conferencing methods to remote Coast Guard locations where there are not enough students to warrant holding a face-to-face class. The VTC or ITV networking allows classes being taught at Wayland’s more populous locations to be broadcast live to Coast Guard sites where a handful of students are able to interact with professors and other students in a real-time classroom setting.

The Coast Guard was so appreciative of the effort that representatives nominated Wayland for the award. Dr. Elane Seebo, Vice President of External Campuses and Graduate Services at Wayland, was appreciative of the Coast Guards nomination and work to recognize Wayland.

“I would like to thank the National University Technology Network and our partners in the United States Coast Guard for this incredible honor,” Seebo said in a recorded statement. “We look forward to expanding this initiative and continuing to forge ahead, looking for the right educational solution for every service member.”

Wayland Baptist University has been offering classes in Hawaii since 1979 with teaching sites on many of the military installations. The main campus in Hawaii recently moved a new location at 99-1091, Ainamakua Dr., in Mililani. As of Oct. 1, the campus will be under new leadership as Dr. David Howle takes the position of Executive Director and Dean of the campus.