WBU celebrates convocation with a challenge to students

September 14, 2011

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University held its annual convocation chapel on Wednesday with a charge for students to get the most out of their education. Dr. Bobby Hall, Executive Vice President and Provost, addressed the students, filling in for Dr. Paul Armes, university president, who is recovering from hip surgery.

“Why are you here?” Hall asked the students.

Sharing the concerns of some over the changing times and how this generation of students will face “expectations and experiences that did not exist 30 years ago,” Hall he remains optimistic about the potential of Wayland students to change the world.

“I hope you are here to earn your education,” Hall said. “Earn a real education, not just the credentials.”

Hall said it is more important now than ever before for students to educate themselves with not just knowledge, but with the experiences that come from everyday life.  He said it is the small choices that “hold the fabric of life together.” Hall challenged students to learn all that they could learn and take part in all aspects of student life while in college. Attend concerts and sporting events, play video games in the dorm and enjoy activities in the Student Activity Center.

But while student enjoy their free time, they were challenged to take advantage of their education opportunities as well. Hall said the Wayland faculty are here to challenge them and provide them with the education they need to not only succeed in the workforce, but also become strong leaders and individuals who have developed their faith in Christ.

“Tweet until your tweeter is sore,” he said. “But don’t forget why you are here. The world need changing and you are the generation to do it.”