Buford selected for TEKS review committee

May 26, 2011

PLAINVIEW – With much of the education talk swirling around concerns over TAKS scores in math, science, reading and writing, it’s easy to forget that the Texas State Board of Education places emphasis on teaching the arts as well. In fact, not only is education in the fine arts encouraged, but it is mandated by Senate Bill 815.

This summer, Wayland Baptist University professor of music Dr. Debra Flournoy-Buford, will sit on an expert review committee, formed by the SBOE, to review TEKS for all levels of music education within Texas public schools. Buford’s name was submitted to the SBOE by Bob Floyd, president of the Texas Music Educators Association. In order to serve on the review committee one must be nominated by two SBOE members. SBOE Chair Gail Lowe and Vice Chair on the Committee on Instruction Terri Leo nominated Buford. She is one of six from throughout the state who will serve on the committee.

“I’m thrilled to death and kind of scared,” Buford said. “This is such a huge responsibility. I’m excited that I was even considered as someone who is knowledgeable enough to do something like this.”

Music TEKS are broken into four groups: Kindergarten through second grade, grades 3-5, grades 6-8 and high school. Committees are set up to review the TEKS in each group. Suggestions are sent to the expert review committee that will oversee all four subdivisions. Revisions will be made to the TEKS by the expert committee which will then present the revision for discussion with the SBOE.

Buford said much of the review process centers around simplifying verbiage to make the documents easier to read and understand. She also said, however, that the committees will directly address specific curriculum issues, such as the need for an increase in the use of technology in music education.

Buford officially begins her appointment in June. Her contract will run for 12 months, fulfilling her obligation by June of 2012.