Scholastic exhibit includes 470 works from area student artists

January 28, 2011

PLAINVIEW – This time of year, there’s hardly a stitch of wall fabric to be seen in the Abraham Family Art Gallery at Wayland Baptist University. Pieces ranging from large paintings to smaller mounted photographs create a massive mosaic along the tall walls of the gallery at every angle.

But Dr. Candace Keller wouldn’t have it any other way. Though the West Texas Regional Scholastic Art Exhibition is the largest show she hangs every year in terms of sheer volume, it is also one of the most exciting because it represents budding artists from various schools around the region. And for someone who makes their living as an artist and professor of art at Wayland, seeing the potential and creativity of young people is always exhilarating.

“Once again our area art students have made an excellent show of their talents and efforts. The creativity and originality of concepts and expression in the works of these high school and junior high school students is amazing to see,” said Keller. “Thanks to all the art teachers who organized and delivered artwork, and to those who assisted with the judging process. Thanks to our judges – Robin Germany, John Hope and Brian Bussey – and to Mark Hilliard, Dorothy Hilliard, Bula McGowan and Marlene Reed.”

Keller also noted a word of thanks to Wayland students who assisted with the process and installation of the exhibition, the Plainview Herald, The Plainview Cultural Arts Council, Inc., the City of Plainview and the university for their support.

Judges for the show shared their own thoughts about the caliber of work.

“I am impressed with the high quality of work in a wide variety of media,” said Hope. “It is gratifying to see the imaginative approaches and willingness by young artists to explore divergent paths but also give new life to traditional materials. The decision by the judges was difficult because of the level of skill exhibited.”

Germany added, “It was a humbling experience to co-judge the scholastic art competition this spring. The number of thoughtful, accomplished young artists in this region impressed and inspired me. Among the works submitted, I feel that the level of work was strong and the quality substantial. There is no question in my mind, thanks to dedicated students and teachers, that the arts are alive and thriving in West Texas.”

“Ultimately, this body of student work made one thing clear: students successfully incorporated their world views into their respective pieces with sensitive and watchful eyes while exploring elements of wit, humor, and above all, clever resourcefulness,” noted Bussey.

This year’s show features about 125 Gold Key winners, which advance to the national competition. Winners of that are included in the national exhibit at the Corcorran Gallery in Washington, D.C. Another 150 earned Silver Keys and the remainder of the 470-piece show is comprised of pieces receiving Honorable Mentions.

All of those pieces now grace the walls of Wayland’s Abraham Gallery and the exhibit is open to the public through Feb. 11. The gallery is free and open to the public during regular hours of the LRC: 10-5 Monday through Thursday, 10-4 Friday and 2-5 Saturday. School groups are encouraged to come visit the gallery and can call (806) 291-3710 to reserve times.

The following is a list of pieces included in the show, listed by school and including the student’s grade.

Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Raul Lopez, 11, Digital Art, “Everything But Nothing;” Kendrick Williams, 12, Digital Art, “No Turning Back;” Honorable Mention: Tanner Cunningham, 10, Digital Art, “An Ocean of Hope;” Tom Grimes, 12, Digital Art, “Across the Universe;” Aaron Mitchell, 11, Digital Art, “Coffee Break;” Anthony Wages, 12, Digital Art, “Forest Guardian;” Hayden Robertson, 11, Digital Art, “Radioactive Spider;” Cathleen Sullivan, 11, Digital Art, “Feathers;” Morgan Hodges, 12, Digital Art, “Light of Life.”

Coronado High School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Lauren Hale, 11, Drawing, “Graphic Diversity;” Grace Pearson, 11, Photography, “Fearless;” Trevor Ramey, 11, Drawing, “Medieval Fantasy;” Leah Price, 12, Painting, “The Horse;” Susie Ysasaga, 11, Drawing, “Sync Into Me;” Silver Keys: Amanda Lange, 12, Painting, “Genus Series;” Justin Antwine, 9, Ceramic, “Earthenware;” Averyl Settler, 12, Sculpture, “Sheep’s Sleep;” Christian Tyner, 8, Drawing, “Hawks in a Blue Night;” Raenee Wildman, 12, Drawing, “TV Man;” Leah Price, 12, Drawing, “Untitled 32;” Honorable Mention: Erica Abesamis, 12, Painting, “Big Man;” Grace Pearson, 11, Photography, “Aebra Reflections;” Grace Pearson, Photography, “Lions Roar;” Cathleen Sullivan, 11, Drawing, “windmolen;” Averyl Settler, 12, Drawing, “Pariot;” Raenee Wildman, 12, Painting, “Lullaby;” Raenee Wildman, 12, Mixed Media, “Crusin;” Logan Soloman, 12, Ceramics, “Godzilla bust;” Trevor Ramey, 11, Ceramics, “Crucible;” Nick Baker, 12, Painting, “Lost in Space.”

Crosbyton High School: Gold Keys: Julio Calderon, 10, Photography, “In The Tank;” Julio Calderon, Photography, “Transformers;” Macayla Williams, 9, Digital Art, “Fireworks Victoria;” Honorable Mention: Megan Morales, 12, Photography, “Window into the Kitchen;” Tori Garcia, 11, Photography, “Jars;” Tori Garcia, Photography, “Jars of Paint;” Mandy Bogart, 10, Photography, “Ice and Wind;” Julio Calderon, Photography, “Rocks Caprock Canyon;” Mandy Bogart, 10, Photography, “Waterfall;” Megan Morales, Photography, “Shadows of a Chair;” Macayla Williams, Photography, “Alone.”

Crosbyton Middle School: Gold Key: Christopher Gutierrez, 7, Photography, “Three In Shadow;” Honorable Mention: Tyler Guerrero, 7, Photography, “Generations;” Kathryn Vernon, 8, Photography, “Windmill 3;” Brittany Savage, 8, Photography, “Yellow;” Joaquin Vasquez, 7, Digital Art, “Eye;” Kathryn Vernon, Digital Art, “From Another World;” Kathryn Vernon, Digital Art, “Self-Portrait.”

Denver City High School: Gold Key: Paola Loya, 12, Photography, “No Smile, No Tear;” Paola Loya, Photography, “Down To Nowhere;” Yesinia Rios, 10, Drawing, “What's Left of Summer;” Karlie Billings, 10, Drawing, “A Walk In My Shoes;” Silver Keys: Kelly Prather, 12, Drawing, “Quiet Elegance;” Juan Escalante, 11, Drawing, “Reflection;” Jessica Saenz, 12, Drawing, “A Peace of Spring;” Corie Curtis, 12, Painting, “Mental Whiplash;” Yesenia Rios, Ceramic, “Embraced;” Honorable Mention: Johnathan Medrano, 11, Drawing, “Primitive Elegance;” Kylie Gradjeda,10, Drawing, “Todo Para la Fiesta;” Corie Curtis, Painting, “Mi Spirito;” Karlie Billings, Drawing, “Beautifully Blessed;” Paola Loya, Photography, “Dry;” Karlie Billings, Photography, “A Spinning World ;” Karlie Billings, Drawing, “From One To The Other;” Taylor Hicks, 12, Mixed Media, “Brighter Than The Sky.”

Estacado High School, Lubbock: Gold Key: Seth Cretsinger, 12, Painting, “Self Portrait;” Honorable Mention: Kezavian McKenzie, 11, Painting, “Self Portrait;” T’Aisija Rowe, 10, Painting, “Self Portrait;” Tiara Runels, 11, Painting, “Barbie;” Beth Gutierrez, 9, Drawing, “Broken Home;” Genesees Saiz, 11, Painting, “Self Portrait.”

Estacado Junior High, Plainview: Gold Keys: Oscar Grimaldo, 8, Painting, “Eagles;” Christian Hinojosa, 8, Printmaking, “City Scene;” Edgar Almeda, 8, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Robert Hinojosa, 8, Printmaking, “Two Roses;” Silver Keys: Sara Saenz, 8, Drawing, “Candy Balls;” Jocelyn Ramirez, 8, Painting, “Converse;” Nicolas Alvarez, 8, Drawing, “How Ketchup is Made;” Oscar Grimaldo, 8, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Honorable Mention: Kenneth Hebert, 8, Printmaking, “Blocks.”

Frenship High School, Wolfforth: Gold Keys: Jordan Watts, 12, Mixed Media, “Extra!;” Jordan Watts, 12, Mixed Media, “The ACB’s;” Kenzie Roberts, 11, Mixed Media, “Coffee Painting;” Maddison Respondek, 10, Drawing, “Eye of the Beholder;” Alexis Hernandez, 11, Photography, “Me, Myself and the Melody;” Skylar Perez, 10, Photography, “Unlocking Secrets;” Ashley Villa, 11, Printmaking, “Nine Faces;” Jordan Watts, 12, Mixed Media, “Young McFeely;” Sarah Baker, 10, Photography, “Pure Beauty;” Tabitha Hansen, 10, Photography, “Take a Walk;” Jordan Watts, 12, Drawing, “Surreal Still Life;” Misty Enns, 10, Photography, “Candy Necklace;” Jordan Watts, 12, Painting, “Ivy League Collage;” Jordan Watts, 12, Drawing, “Thrill Issues;” Johnny Olvera, 12, Drawing, “Bare Necessities;” Jordan Watts, 12, Painting, “Slovakia;” Layla Petty, 11, Drawing, “Self Portrait;” Korbin Stewart, 12, Painting, “Beards are Epic;” Jordan Watts, 12, Drawing, “Strawberries and Anthracosis;” Silver Keys: Sophia Vizza, 10, Drawing, “Colorful Abstraction;” Taylor Sutherland, 10, Mixed Media, “These Boots Were Made For…;” Dakota Raggio, 12, Photography, “Warmth;” Jonathan Kennedy, 9, Painting, “Slow Creature of the Sea;” Skylar Perez, 10, Mixed Media, “The Shift;” Ashley Villa, 11, Mixed Media, “Coffee Composition;” Tyler Brown, 11, Mixed Media, “Coffee High;” Honorable Mention: Kelly Helms, 11, Drawing, “Evil Spirit;” Kelton Brooks, 11, Mixed Media, Untitled; Sarah Baker, 10, Mixed Media, “Trapped Inside;” Forrest Lokhart, 10, Mixed Media, “The Wonders of Fall;” Julie Ladd, 10, Drawing, “Enlightened;” Jordan Watts, 12, Painting, “rOB bOSS;” Alex Louis, 12, Sculpture, “The Winged Beast;” Ksenija Korac, 11, Mixed Media, “Looking Out;” Jarrod Washam, 12, Mixed Media, “Read all about it!” Natasha Hallberg, 9, Painting, “Red Flight;” Jorge Lozano, 12, Painting, “It's Just Water;” Katie Walker, 10, Photography, “Put Me in, Coach!;” Jake Hohenberger, 9, Printmaking, “Starving;” Kenzie Roberts, 11, Drawing, “Animal Instincts;” Ashley Villa, 11, Drawing, “Creepy Self Portrait;” Tyler Brown, 11, Drawing, “The Impact of Love;” Nathan Godinez, 10, Sculpture, “Underdog.”

Homeschool students: Silver Keys: Lauren Aguilar, 9, Drawing, “Defense Mechanism;” Lauren Aguilar, Drawing, “A Bird's Eye View;” Honorable Mention: Lauren Aguilar, Drawing, “Technicolor Me.”

Hutcherson Middle School, Lubbock: Silver Keys: Keaton Towns, 8, Painting, “Keaton;” Joanna Chyu, 8, Drawing, “Elaboration;” Arianna Malagyos, 8, Painting, “Aru;” Niesha Hooker, 8, Painting, “Niesha;” Honorable Mention: Xavier Esparza, 8, Painting, “Xavier.”

Irons Middle School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Amanda Hixson, 8, Drawing, “Reflection of My Spirit;” Christian Coker, 7, Mixed Media, “Roosting Bird;” Kip Kothmann, 7, Sculpture, “Fiddle;” Silver Keys: Addison Thompson, 8, Drawing, “Eyes of Beauty;” Kynnedy Gleason, 7, Drawing, “Zebra Hoodie;” Brandon Barbee, 8, Drawing, “The Gentle Horn;” Christopher Guajardo, 8, Drawing, “Toys for Toddlers;” Caleb Anderson, 8, Drawing, “Dream Time… What Else?;” Alyssa Nichol, 7, Sculpture, “Yellow Horned Goat;” Alyssa Franco, 8, Fashion, “Fauve Influences;” Koby Griggs, 7, Sculpture, “Fire Pig;” Stephanie Keeling, 8, Sculpture, “Rollerskate;” Kasey Mc Murray, 8, Sculpture, “Clarinet;” Yen Hoang, 12, Sculpture, “Green Horned Devil;” Emma Adams, 7, Sculpture, “A Very Fruity Bird;” Honorable Mention: Diane Bae, 7, Sculpture, “Wild Wolf;” Emma Adams, 7, Drawing, “Owl of the Winter Skies;” Shelby Fielding, 8, Mixed Media, “The Teeth Beneath;” Desi Lira, 8, Mixed Media, “Sunshine;” Karen Zhang, 7, Photography, “Future Flower;” Jeramiah Wilson, 8, Drawing, “Christmas Night;” Raymond Hernandez, 8, Mixed Media, “Intricate Window;” Jethro Arsenal, 8, Drawing, “Aboriginal Snake;” Kirstin Gallemore, 8, Mixed Media, “Natural Light;” Evelyn Hoffman, 8, Painting, “Creation;” Cori Cordova, 8, Mixed Media, “Zebra;” Victoria Stetson, 7, Painting, “Flamingo Sunrise;” Ashlyn Folkner, 8, Mixed Media, “Magenta;” Mariama Poquiz, 7, Drawing, “The Spring Flower;” Presley Rumsey, 8, Mixed Media, “Going With The Wind;” Emily Rodriguez, 8, Fashion, “Mexico!”

Levelland High School: Gold Keys: Joe Chagoya, 11, Drawing, “Graffiti;” Silver Keys: Aaron Hill, 11, Drawing, “Infinity Shot in the Making;” Aron Salazar, 12, Drawing, “Patron;” Serina Nevarez, 11, Drawing, “Serina;” Ryne Parish, 10, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Honorable Mention: Jason Haley, 11, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Alexandra Montes, 10, Painting, “Winter Land;” Alexandra Montes, Drawing, “Pee-Wee;” Lizabeth Mendoza, 9, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Isaac Jaramillo, 10, Drawing, “Isaac!;” Suzanna Mendoza, 10, Drawing, “Self-Portrait.”

Levelland Middle School: Honorable Mention: Kayla Ybarra, 8, Drawing, “Still Life.”

Lockney High School: Gold Keys: Erica Marmolejo, 12, Painting, “Purple;” Jonathan Sustaita, 11, Sculpture, “Kinetic Sculpture;” Silver Keys: Taylor Rose, 10, Photography, “Grand Canyon;” Lindsay Stewart, 10, Drawing, “Broken and Alone;” Chris Franco, 11, Drawing, “Rock On;” Hunter Thompson, 9, Painting, “Seasons;” Erica Marmalejo, Sculpture, “My Man;” Maria Castorena, 12, Sculpture, “Old Woody;” Honorable Mention: Taylor Rose, 10, Photography, “Forging the Future;” Taylor Rose, 10, Photography, “Abandoned Flower;” Taylor Rose, 10, Photography, “Arizona Ruins;” Logan Edwards, 11, Painting, “Safari;” Amber Segovia, 11, Painting, “Skater;” Lindsay Stewart, 10, Painting, “Keys;” Taylor Rose, 10, Drawing, “Featherly;” Nicole Thompson, 11, Sculpture, “Frosty;” Shialo Huerta, 12, Ceramics, “Coils.” 

Lubbock Cooper High School: Gold Keys: Miharu Tamura, 11, Drawing, “For My Dream Garden;” Jaclyn Bush, 12, Mixed Media, “A Spring in My Shoes;” Nolan Savage, 11, Mixed Media, “Extra Point;” Silver Keys: Sarah Robinson, 12, Printmaking, “Senior;” Adrian Smith, 10, Drawing, “Pride;” Bradley Guin, 11, Printmaking, “Junior Portrait;” Sarah Robinson, 12, Mixed Media, “Ghostly Skull;” Honorable Mention: Britta Conley, 11, Mixed Media, “Gray Veil;” Emily Woolam, 11, Printmaking, “What I Am;” Teyshia Fulford, 12, Printmaking, “My Senior Year 2011;” Katy Headrick, 10, Printmaking, “Sophomore Year;” Luis Hinojos, 11, Ceramics, “Wooden Portrait;” William Poe, 12, Ceramics, “Mad Max;” Rebecca Sepeda, 11, Sculpture, “Loteria;” Jaclyn Bush, 12, Ceramics, “Earthbound;” Jaclyn Bush, 12, Ceramics, “Of Skies and Valleys;” Louis Chavez, 11, Ceramics & Glass, “Venom.”

Lubbock Cooper Middle School: Gold Keys: Austyn Rogers, 8, Painting, “The Gambler;” Silver Key: Mary Villamor, 7, Sculpture, “Very Berry;” Honorable Mention: Shylah Wier, 7, Painting, “Keep Swimming;” Emily Wirth, 7, Painting, “I See You;” Mary Villamor, 7, Painting, “Warm Waters;” Alliah Lockett, 7, Sculpture, “At Peace.”

Monterey High School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Chris Marin, 11, Painting, “Pleasure Spiked with Pain;” Chris Marin, Painting, “Semi Charmed Life;” Marcus Miller, 11, Drawing, “Memories;” Chris Marin, Painting, “Determination;” Marcus Miller, Drawing, “Micaela;” Chris Marin, Painting, “Unspoken;” D'Andre Terry, 10, Drawing, “refined taste;” Jesse Reyna, 12, Jewelry, “A Profile of a Latino Pasto;” Jesse Reyna, 12, Jewelry, “The Great Bonzo;” Trapper Riney, 12, Ceramics, “Strange Happenings #3;” Jasmine Martin, 12, Jewelry, “Seahorse;” Dametria Riley, 12, Jewelry, “Fly Away;” Jesse Reyna, 12, Jewelry, “Three R's;” Silver Key: Christopher Marin, Printmaking, “Twenty-First Century;” Jonathan Swartz, 9, Drawing, “Tickety-Clock;” Emmalyn McQueen, 11, Drawing, “Random House;” Marcus Miller, 11, Drawing, “Poker Face;” Kassie Parker, 11, Mixed Media, “One Crazy Walk;” Jasmine Martin, 12, Sculpture, “The Fish;” Jasmine Martin, Jewelry, “The Octopus;” Lauren Smith, 12, Jewelry, “Wrapped Up;” Dametria Riley, 12, Jewelry, “Fatal Heart;” Honorable Mention: Hayle-Laine Odenbaugh, 12, Photography, “Going Up;” Rose Turner, 10, Drawing, “The Gift of Time;” Iris Campbell, 10, Drawing, “Amber;” Alison Madril, 10, Drawing, “Time Flys;” Hayle-Laine Odenbaugh, 12, Photography, “Simplicity;” Chris Marin, 11, Painting, “Life More than just a Read Through;” Chris Marin, 11, Painting, “Western civilization;” D'Andre Terry, 10, Drawing, “charcoal study;” Hayle-Laine Odenbaugh, 12, Photography, “An Acorn’s Hat;” Iris Campbell, 10, Drawing, “Happy Sunshine;” Hayle-Laine Odenbaugh, 12, Photography, “Reaching;” Domiru Pathirage, 11, Painting, “Calm before the storm;” Amanda Dominguez, 10, Drawing,, “Fancy;” Christopher Best, 10, Drawing, “ Beaded Glory;” Jasmine Martin, 12, Painting, “Neptune;” Trapper Riney, 12, Sculpture, “Silent Puppet;” Lauren Tyler-Smith, 12, Jewelry, “Uniquely Me;” Lauren Tyler-Smith, 12, Jewelry, “Crystal Beach;” Lauren Tyler-Smith, 12, Jewelry, “Woven Swirls;” Erika Aquilar, 12, Ceramics, “Lil Red;” Jamie Voyles, 9, Jewelry, “One Day I'll Fly Away.” 

Monahans High School: Gold Keys: Jesyea Perez, 12, Drawing, “Texas Relics;” Kaleb White, 11, Mixed Media, “Mystery Bird;” Chealsea Helmers, 11, Drawing, “Mystic Morning;” Shandra Stephan, 12, Drawing, “Valiant Woman;” Shandra Stephan, 12, Drawing, “Playful;” Jesyca Perez, 12, Drawing, “Water Garden;” Raquel Ramirez, 12, Drawing, “Wisdom;” Katy Butler, 9, Digital Art, “Tribal Marks;” Marie Venzoir, 11, Jewelry, “Verde Sparkle;” Silver Keys: Chelsea Helmers, 11, Drawing, “Sweet Dreams;” Samantha Flores, 12, Painting, “Fauve Influence;” Taylor Akins, 9, Drawing, “Rag Doll;” Honorable Mention: Margie Weldy, 11, Design, “Primeval Weaving;” Cassidy Thackerson, 11, Drawing, “Handscape;” Katy Butler, 9, Photography, “Dreaming;” Cassidy Thackerson, 11, Painting, “Veiled Mystique;” Margie Weldy, 11, Painting, “Self Portrait Da Vinci Style;” Adrian Carlos, 9, Painting, “Impressionistic Influence;” Jesyca Perez, 12, Sculpture, “Rustic Relief.”

Olton High School: Silver Key: Christian Portillo, 11, Fashion, “Zipper Dress Top;” Honorable Mention: Chelsi Bradfute, 12, Drawing, “I Waited for You on a Cold Corner Once;” Roman Casares, 12, Color Pencil, “Magnetic Connection;” Alonso Hernandez, 11, Drawing, “The Old Window;” Chelsi Bradfute, 12, Drawing, “Thanks to You I am Forced to go Out and Explore;” Skylar Kelley, 11, Drawing, “Bubba;” Alberto Flores, 11, Mixed Media, “Rainbow.”

Plainview Christian High School: Gold Key: Kendra Stukey, 9, Photography, “Pink Lily;” Honorable Mention: Dylan Hayes, 10, Photography, “Slow Down;” Kendra Stukey, Mixed Media, “Abdomen;” Jeff Tao, 10, Drawing, “Still Life with Bowling Ball;” Jeff Tao, 10, Photography, “At the base of Mt. Everest;” Guadalupe Martinez, 11, Comic, “Jace's dancers;” Emily Browning, 7, Drawing, “Books;” Heston Graves, 8, Drawing, “Flag.”

Plainview Christian Academy: Honorable Mention: Jordan Hooper, 8, Mixed Media, “Vern;” Katie Williams, 8, Drawing, “Color Dye;” Jared Maston, 8, Painting, “America.”

Plainview High School: Gold Keys: Letti Cheyne, 10, Photography, “Cool, Clear Water;” Rico Gomez, 12, Painting, “Vanishing Vision;” Madi Kemmer, 12, Photography, “Save the Rain for a Perfect Day;” Silver Keys: Madi Kemmer, 12, Photography, “Something to Look Forward To;” Leonel Silva, 11, Sculpture, “Sea Wish;” Mathew Salazar, 12, Ceramic, “Totem;” Lori Morris, 12, Ceramic, “Vase;” Honorable Mention: Madi Kemmer, Photography, “Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder;” Madi Kemmer, 12, Photography, “Looking Through Life;” Simsy Valdez, 10, Photography, “Flag Power;” Simsy Valdez, Photography, “Sun Shiny Day;” Dulce Orozco, 12, Photography, “Flowing Fall Leaves;” Stephen Enriquez, 12, Painting, “Snap;” Lori Morris, 12, Ceramics, “Under the skin, Memories;” Nancy Esquivel, 12, Ceramics, “Wedding Vase;” Jesus Sanchez, 12, Ceramics, “Master.” 

Shallowater High School: Gold Keys: Lauren Fritz, 12, Drawing, “Statue of Liberty;” Mica McGuire, 12, Sculpture, “Brain;” Caitlin Fritz, 10, Design, “Glass and Stone Meet;” Lauren Fritz, 12, Painting, “My Sister's Music;” Mica McGuire, 12, Sculpture, “April;” Mica McGuire, 12, Sculpture, “April;” Kaegan Cunningham, 10, Fashion, “Take Your Medicine;” Aaron Shotts, 12, Photography, “West Texas Wheat;” Aaron Shotts, 12, Photography, “Rows of Cotton; Silver Keys: Aaron Shotts, 12, Photography, “West Texas Attitude;” Ramon Andazola, 11, Painting, “Man Inside Guitar;” Lauren Fritz, 12, Mixed Media, “Earth Wind and Fire/Retro Vinyl Record Art;” Mica McGuire, 12, Sculpture, “Abortion Destroys;” Honorable Mention: Kaegan Cunningham, 10, Sculpture, “Take a Break;” Lauren Fritz, 12, Drawing, “Jacob's Music;” Mica McGuire, 12, Sculpture, “Study of Face;” Mica McGuire, 12, Sculpture, “1/4th Maquette .

Shallowater Middle School: Gold Keys: Bailey Sapieha, 8, Photography, “From a Different Perspective;” Parker Burleson, 8, Printmaking, “Me and the Sun;” Adriana Olguin, 8, Design, “A Little Bit of Dis (Distant, Disguised, Discount, Disassociated);” Tatum Cagle, 8, Design, “It All Begins With VITA;” Bailey Sapieha, Photography, “Caught in the Storm;” Maegan Lambright, 8, Photography, “In the Shadows;” Silver Keys: Wes Jackson, 8, Drawing, “Upside Down City;” Westin Elliot, 7, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Kayla Shrum, 8, Printmaking, “Shadow Woman;” Katlyn Lloyd, 8, Drawing, “Floating City;” Marc Sanchez, 8, Drawing, “Symbolic Self-Portrait;” Kenneth Cross, 8, Drawing, “Why;” Connor Smith, 8, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Hannah Ayers, 8, Drawing, “Blowing Bubbles;” Katlyn Lloyd, Drawing, “The Ones Who Touch the Earth;” Hayden Taylor, 8, Printmaking, “Pink Tornado;” Lauren Rudder, 8, Mixed Media, “Story of My Life;” Honorable Mention: Hannah Ayers, 8, Drawing, “Blowing Bubbles;” Ran Johnston, 7, Drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Carlos Mancilla, 8, Printmaking, “Out of the Void;” Bryan Hall, 8, Design, “Enraged, Encaged, Entwined, Endangered;” Hannah Rodriquez, 8, Printmaking, “Windy Day on the Island;” Lauren Rudder, 8, Printmaking, “Life in the Rainforest.”

Slaton High School: Gold Keys: Laken Rodriguez, 11, Drawing, “Self Portrait;” Cruz Vasquez, 11, Painting, “Bleu;” Silver Key: Ronney Salazar, 11, Painting, “The Face;” Honorable Mention: Summer Gutierrez, 9, Mixed Media, “Self-Portrait;” Brandy Nicole Young, 12, Painting, “I Am Nykoal.”

Slaton Junior High School: Honorable Mention: Micaela Flores, 7, Drawing, “Micaela;” Brodie Cantrell, 8, Printmaking, “Art of Music;” Jayme Murdock, 8, Printmaking, “Spirit of Freedom.”

Sudan High School: Gold Keys: Kolton Gonzales, 8, Drawing, “Colors of Me;” Emylee Gonzales, 12, Drawing, “Ashley's Heart;” Hailee Gonzales, 10, Sculpture, “Snow Queen;” Silver Keys: Mecca Dodd, 12, Jewelry, “Fall Flowers;” Tori Miller, 8, Digital Art, “Miller T;” Jared Shaw, 9, Sculpture, “Bad Luck;” Honorable Mention: Ashley Lewellen, 12, Drawing, “EM;” Audrey Binion, 10, Photography, “Nostalgia;” Brooke Lennon, 12, Painting, “Brooklen;” Mardia Alcaraz, 12, Mixed Media, “Pixelated;” Blanca Rodriguez, 8, Ceramics & Glass, “Purple Glass Basket;” Osmar Diaz, 10, Jewelry, “4 Point Star With Beads On it…..Duhhhh;” Harris Chester, 7, Ceramics & Glass, “Blue Glass;” Ashton Bartley, 7, Ceramics & Glass, “Yellow Cross;” Hayden Pettit, 7, Ceramics & Glass, “Blue Blob.”

Terra Vista Middle School, Wolfforth: Gold Keys: Blake Well, 8, Drawing, “Late to Work…Again;” Reagan Reeves, 8, Drawing, “Daydreaming;” Mariella Fontanilla, 8, Drawing, “Me;” Querida Gonzalez, 7, Painting, “Katy;” Chameja Carter, 8, Drawing, “The Serpent Curse;” Aracely Rivera, 7, Drawing, “The Art Museum;” Brandon Harris, 8, Drawing, “Bad Hair Day;” Kiersten Jackson, 8, Drawing, “Rabid Sea;” Reagan Reeves, 8, Sculpture, “Europe;” Courtney Gustafson, 8, Sculpture, “Broken Heart;” Querida Gonzalez, 7, Mixed Media, “Forgotten Past;” Silver Keys: Venus Reyna, 8, Drawing, “mes monos;” Celestine Delgado, 7, Painting, “Man's Best Friend;” Reagan Reeves, 8, Drawing, “My Unidragle;” Taylor Clanton, 7, Drawing, “Free Wing;” Sebastian Hutchinson, 8, Drawing, “Fredusa;” Kennedy McLeod, 7, Drawing, “Dragon of the Mountains;” Chameja Carter, 8, Drawing, “Shine on Me;” Alyssa Mensen, 8, Drawing, “Dog Bird the Bird Dog;” Meghan Cortez, 8, Drawing, “Hand Theatre;” Brandon Harris, 8, Drawing, “Turtle Dove;”            Levi Ludahl, 7, Drawing, “Camel Kong;” Venus Reyna, 8, Painting, “Ve'layis;” Alyssa Mensen, 8, Sculpture, “Where's the Track?;” Honorable Mention: Julissa Mata, 7, Painting, “Alex;” Katie Lee, 8, Drawing, “Grey Thoughts;” Reagan Reeves, 8, Drawing, “Saturday Morning;” Caleb Quintanilla, 8, Drawing, “Good Morning America;” Delilah Segura, 7, Painting, “The One and Only Jacob;” Sabrina Harger, 8, Sculpture, “Katelyn's Copper;” Brittany Sherbert, 7, Drawing, “Fly Away;” Abigail Gil, 8, Sculpture, “The Light of Patina;” Micaela Mercado, 8, Painting, “The Show;” Erica Madrigal, 7, Mixed Media, “Boom Boom Butterflies;” Kiersten Jackson, 8, Drawing, “Insane Mane;” Brandon Harris, 8, Sculpture, “Pemaquid Point.”

Trinity Christian High School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Maximillian Ryan Upp, 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Herb;” Sydney Wilson, 12, Painting, “Dancing in the Sun;” Sydney Wilson, 12, Drawing, “Practice Makes Perfect;” Raemi Gipson, 10, Mixed Media, “Clyde;” Zoe Walkup, 10, Mixed Media, “Praise Jesus;” Makenzie Keneda, 11, Mixed Media, “Viewfinder;” Sydney Wilson, Mixed Media, “Dancing in the Wind;” Kristin Fellows, 12, Mixed Media, “Reading in the Dark;” Maximillian Ryan Upp, 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Emerald Droplet;” Maximillian Ryan Upp, 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Baby Blue Buttocks;” Maximillian Ryan Upp, 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Symphony;” Honorable Mention: Kristin Fellows, 12, Painting, “As Light Shines Through The Window;” Candace Robinson, 12, Painting, “Purple Me;” Kristin Fellows, 12, Drawing, “Friendship;” Charisse Aguas, 11, Drawing, “Balloon Festival;” Sydney Wilson, 12, Drawing, “Dancing Through the Ages;” Sydney Wilson, 12, Drawing, “Preparing for Class;” Katherine Potts, 10, Mixed Media, “Up, Up and Away;” Charisse Aguas, 11, Mixed Media, “Create;” Grace McGinnis, 12, Mixed Media, “Signs;” Kristen Fellows, 12, Painting, “Joy in the Mind;” Kailey Killough, 10, Mixed Media, “Reflections of a Broken City;” Maximillian Ryan Upp, 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Seeing Eye Pot.”

Trinity Christian Junior High, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Nathan Henderson, 7, Design, Untitled; Natalie Molina, 8, Printmaking, “Flamingoes;” Honorable Mention: Aimie Brismee-Lloyd, 8, Printmaking, “Lion;” Kelsey Long, 8, Mixed Media, “Brown;” Cori Layne Sheets, 8, Printmaking, “Winter Blue;” Ben Smith, 8, Printmaking, “Jaws;” Benjamin Hamilton, 8, Painting, “All is Well;” Daniel Shaw, 8, Printmaking, “Whale;” Nicki West, 8, Printmaking, “A Pause in History;” Christopher Gaschen, 7, Painting, “Aloe Vera;” Emma Hardin, 8, Painting, “Little Italy;” Caleb Torres, 8, Painting, “Ancient Hallway of Wonders;” Sally Miller, 8, Mixed Media, Untitled; Caleb Torres, 8, Ceramics & Glass, “Red Rock Canyon House;” Christopher Gaschen, 7, Ceramics & Glass, “Egg Nest."