Broadcast to delve into mental health treatment issues 

September 24, 2010

 PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s WIN-TV, Suddenlink Cable Channel 6 in Plainview, will broadcast a special program titled “Minds on the Edge” on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 7 p.m.

The broadcast, aired in partnership with Central Plains Center and the Rural Children’s Initiative, will deal with mental health issues and treatment. The show includes a dramatization of a hypothetical situation of one family’s struggle to provide care for their daughter after she develops mental illness, her resistance and the solution.

The program is moderated by Frank Sesno and includes Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Nobel neuroscientist Dr. Eric Kandel, Pulitzer-nominated journalist Pete Earley, MacArthur “genius” Elyn Saks, and other distinguished panelists from law, medicine, and public policy. Several panel members have personal experience with the challenges of mental illness and offer their own insights. The panelists also engage the challenging issues of the merry-go-round of homelessness and jail that has become all too common for many individuals living with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other serious mental illnesses.

This innovative format uses a situation drawn from real life to compel both participants and viewers to grapple with urgent social and public policy issues where there are no easy answers. The program is produced by Fred Friendly Seminars.