Mission team visits Mexico

March 29, 2010

The Wayland Baptist University Mission Center and Baptist Student Ministries joined for a Spring Break mission trip to Mexico to work with the indigenous Najuatl people. In all, 11 people made the trip including Mission Center Director Dr. Rick Shaw and director of the Baptist Student Ministries Donnie Brown.

The group was divided into four smaller groups that worked with indigenous people, working with women and children to lead Bible studies and prayer groups, as well as preaching, teaching, counseling and evangelizing.

Deep inside the Mexico border, the group flew into Mexico City then took a six-hour bus ride to the remote villages where they worked. Dr. Shaw said the villages were typical small villages with numerous needs.

“With any indigenous people, you see a lot of oppression by government and other structures of society,” Shaw said.

In one such instance, Shaw encouraged the local to worship by singing in their native tongue, a practice generally frowned upon. The results were moving, however, as the people felt the freedom of being able to worship in their own words.

Shaw also said he worked in a village of about 800 people where there were active churches. Of the 800 people, around 200 were active members of the local church. He said the presence of the gospel was evident among these people.

“You see a lot of what the gospel can do in a community like that,” he said. “There is very little alcohol and drug abuse, very little spousal abuse and not a lot of poverty, relative to other villages.”

Although there was concern for the group traveling south of the border, Dr. Shaw said they had no problems getting into or leaving the country. The Mission Center is now focusing on a trip to South Asia that will take place this summer. The group will leave July 27 and return Aug. 10. The cost is approximately $2,000 per person and anyone interested in working with the people of South Asia is invited join the team. Those interested may contact Dr. Shaw at 806-291-1162 or by email at shawr@wbu.edu.