Area artists shine in Plains Art Association show

May 18, 2010

PLAINVIEW – Artists from around Plainview took home high honors in the Plains Art Association’s 49th Spring Celebration of Art Exhibition, now on display in the Abraham Art Gallery on the campus of Wayland Baptist University.

The show is open to artists from the region and features about 120 pieces of artwork in a variety of media, representing the varied talents of the region. The exhibition will be up through June 27, with an awards reception on that day from 1-3 p.m. in the gallery and atrium.

Plainview artist Ricky Davis earned the top honor of Best in Show for his oil painting titled “Taos Valley.” The award is also the Faye Curry Memorial Award, given by J.B. and Ramona Roberts, Randall, Sarah and Drury Roberts. The Dr. Eldon C. Nicholl Memorial Award for Best Use of Color and Light was presented to “Rev Theory,” an acrylic painting by Floydada resident David Mancilla.

John Hope, a member of the fine arts faculty at South Plains College in Levelland and a former Levelland schools art teacher, served as judge for the competition. Hope’s own works has been represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and he designed and created the newest mosaic on the SPC campus, “New Morning,” in 2001. He has completed numerous large-scale mural and mosaic commissions, had work included in national publications and was featured on Texas Country Reporter in 2006 with wife Bette.

Hope is a Levelland native and a graduate of SPC and Texas Tech. He also studied traditional mosaic techniques in Ravenna, Italy, in 2005. He is a member of the board for Texas Plains Trail Region and the Levelland Main Street Design Committee and is vice chairman of the Hockley County Historical Commission. 

Other winners in the competition, listed by category, are as follows:

Oil: First place, Carol Hopkins of Lockney, “Peaches;” second place, Ricky Davis, “Lone Companions;” third place, Sue Yandell, “Rooster with an Attitude;” honorable mention: Carol Hopkins, “Preserves,” Francis Staniforth, “Forest Sunrise,” Sue Yandell, “Best Friends,” and Mary Tom Tooley, “Autumn Aspens” and “Jo’s Geranium.” 

Photography: First place, Harriet Feagin of Plainview, “Dreamscape;” second place, Chris Hannoch, “Old Ivories;” third place, Machelle Carden, “Bloom;” honorable mention: Machelle Carden, “Duck Feet,” “Blue Morning Glory,” “Hannah,” and “The Piano;” Harriet Feagin, “Entwined Tulips,” “Bar Harbor Lighthouse,” Chris Hannoch, “Midnight Blue;” Sherry Evans, “Reflection,” “Broken;” Connie Barnett, “ Cotton Blossom,” “On the Road Again,” “Sunrise in the Hill Country,” “Leon River,” and “Jemez Mission Ruins.”

Drawings/Pastels: First place, Ricky Davis, “Study in Blue;” second place, Candace Keller, “Happy;” third place, Lucia McBeth, “Chatting Up the Grounds Keeper;” honorable mention: Marguerite Butler, “Going Green” and “All About Spring;” Lucia McBeth, “Relegated to the Pasture,” “Early Morning Arrival,” and “Headin’ to the House.” 

Watercolor: First place, Ray Freeman of Hale Center, “Prancing;” second place, Ray Freeman, “A Look Before the Leap;” third place, Sue Yandell, “Sunburst Flower;” honorable mention: Sue Yandell, “Lazy Daisies,” Ruth Rector Wright, “Bloom,” “Boats” and “Sunshine.”

Acrylic: First place, Carolyn Warrick of Plainview, “Red Bird of Happiness;” second place, Steven Garcia, “Na Pali Afternoon;” third place, Joe Provence, “Texas Bluebonnets;” honorable mention: Joe Provence, “Olga,” and “Jackson;” David Mancilla, “Buck Cherry;” Bettye Givens, “Green Man;” and Steven Garcia, “Evening Glow” and “La Bonita.” 

Other/miniatures: First place, Candace Keller of Plainview, “Into the Woods;” second place, Mary Tom Tooley, “Luscious Tomato;” third place, Candace Keller, “Sunflower Cross;” honorable mention: Ricky Davis, “Wild Roses;” Mary Tom Tooley, “Blue Pot” and “Pot With Holly;” Cynthia Pinnell, “Roses” and “Trumpet Vine Vase;” and Candace Keller, “Trumpet Vine Blossom.”

Purchase awards are given by area businesses or arts supporters to honor work they admire in the show. The following pieces received purchase awards: Dodson Agency, “Family’s Water Hole” by Iva Salinas; Philip and Cynthia Pinnell, “After the Storm” by Marguerite Butler and “Tres Windmills” by Connie Barnett; Dwain and Shirley Dodson, “Grandma’s Roses” by Iva Salinas, “Wild Roses” by Ricky Davis; American State Bank, “Headin’ to the House” by Lucia McBeth; Barbara Strain, “Red Bird of Happiness” by Carolyn Warrick; Ruth Rector Wright, “Buck Cherry” by David Mancilla; Candace Keller, “Broadway Brew” by Machelle Carden and “Bloom” by Machelle Carden; Don Book, Gary Massingill, Edward D. Jones, “Reflection of the Past” and “Roadside View” by Marguerite Butler; Bettye Givens, “Olga” by Joe Provence; Mary Montandon, “Dreamscape” by Harriet Feagin; and Jack Morris Ford.