WBU organizations teaming up to survey community

February 8, 2010     

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) geological society (WBUGS) and chemical society are teaming up to promote conservation and waste management throughout the Plainview community.

On Saturday, Feb. 20, the groups will survey community members at Amigos, United Supermarket and Wal-Mart to find out how many people are actively recycling or would consider it if the opportunities were readily available.

“We are trying to find out how much of the community recycles,” said SIFE sponsor Dr. Sam Vanhoose, associate professor of management information services in Wayland’s School of Business. “We are going to ask if they would be willing to recycle if bins were more readily available and how willing would they be to pay for it if necessary. We want to get a feel for how the community feels.”

Wayland has been promoting conservation efforts among the university community for the last several years. The school conducted a refit of all electrical lights to conserve energy and has placed recycle bins in all buildings to encourage employees to recycle and conserve resources.

Much of the effort has been led by the School of Mathematics and Sciences, which will introduce an environmental science major to its curriculum in the fall of 2010.

“It seems the biggest issue in terms of environmental conservation is a lack of understanding or lack of knowledge,” said Dr. David Schmidt, assistant professor of geology and sponsor of WBUGS. “Hopefully people will learn a lot through participating in this survey. It is important to see that what we do has an impact on our environment.”

Wayland will conduct a public meeting on March 11 to present its finding and discuss conservations efforts. Van Hoose said they hope to include various public officials representing Plainview’s public works department, the landfill, recycling center and waste water treatment plant. He hopes to have the mayor, city manager, and main street coordinator as well as WBU representatives in attendance as well. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Nunn Business Building auditorium.

For more information on the survey project, or environmental issues, contact Dr. Van Hoose at 291-1029 or Dr. Schmidt at 291-1121.